HSS 101 - Archaeology

HSS 101 - Archaeology


Join Dr. Lisa Rankin, Memorial University Research Chair in Northern Indigenous Community Archaeology, for a fun and fascinating introduction to archaeology.

Archaeology is the study of past cultures through the physical remains people left behind. These can range from small artifacts to larger buildings - anything that past peoples created, modified, or consumed is considered part of the archaeological record.

Dr. Rankin calls herself “a household archaeologist” who examines the domestic landscape to understand how people lived their daily lives and interacted with one another. She estimates she has spent five years of her life living in tents in remote parts of North America while excavating. She can cook a turkey dinner for 15 over an open fire without getting flustered and was the first person at Memorial to be awarded the Geoffrey Marshall Mentoring Award from the Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools (an organization that includes Ivy League schools Yale, Princeton and Harvard).

All Dr. Rankin’s research is undertaken at the invitation of Indigenous communities and she has spent the last 20 years learning how to conduct this research in an ethical and relevant manner for Labrador Inuit communities.

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HSS 101

How does archaeology link to contemporary society? What do gender studies and scuba diving have in common? How many times does a book or piece of music lift us from a pit of despair? Maybe even save a life? An education in the humanities and social sciences (HSS) is about what makes us human. In an increasingly complex world, a little humanity goes a long way.

HSS 101 is a four-part series highlighting the humanities and social sciences, featuring engaging, passionate faculty members with an unbounded discipline devotion. Alumni and friends, whether they work in business, science, economics or anything in between, will gain insight on the evolution of human knowledge.

Upcoming events in the series include:

  • March 23 – Gender studies featuring Drs. Carol Lynn D'Arcangelis, Vicki Hallet and Giovanna Del Negro
  • April 20 – Folklore featuring Dr. Jillian Gould
  • TBD – Religious studies featuring Dr. Patricia Dold