Coast Lines with Dr. Sobia Shaikh

Coast Lines with Us, Now


Us, Now roves from Indonesia to the Middle East, Taiwan, Mexico, China, Africa, Jamaica, Barbados, India, Pakistan, and points in between, converging in Newfoundland.

These stories by racialized Newfoundlanders are by turns joyous, tender, hilarious, and heart-wrenching. They confront racism and celebrate the act of enduring. They are about settling and getting unsettled, about parents and their children, about language, about facing down the horrors of homophobia, about the joy of love, about lifelong relationships or the glee of a magnificent crush. Here social and domestic violence are countered with tenderness and the penetrating power of narrative. This is a book about distance and coming together, about what it means to be seen and understood, or—devastatingly—to be seen and judged, or to be invisible and misunderstood. What it means to belong. These are new writers and new visions of an in-the-present-moment Newfoundland and Labrador, stories shaped by powerful, urgent voices.

Join us for an online event discussing the sixth Coast Lines book, Us, Now, with faculty member and contributor Dr. Sobia Shaikh, contributor Santiago Guzman, BFA(Theatre)'19, hosted by Angela Antle, BA'91, and featuring vice provost Dr. Delores Mullings and visual artist and lead organizer of the BIOPOC Creators Collective of NL Rachel Gilbert, BFA(Visual Arts)'20.

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