Beyond Normal: Understanding Neurodiversity

Beyond Normal: Understanding Neurodiversity


With the recent movement to recognize and celebrate diversity in all aspects of life and work, it is time to consider the role of neurodiversity, the process of accommodating and including people whose brains have different ways of learning and processing information.

Neurodiversity can include individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, dyscalculia, and other conditions.

Learning to work with the neurodiverse can result in significant competitive advantages for individual businesses. Recognizing the contributions and untapped potential of the neurodiverse can also have a considerable impact on our overall economy.

Our panelists, Jason Geary and Andreae Callanan (MA, English ’18), will discuss how embracing neurodiversity and viewing it through a nonpathological lens is essential to navigating our future growth as a society.

Special educator Jason Geary, the current manager of Memorial University’s Blunden Centre, is a neurodiversity parent, advocator and teacher. Andreae Callanan is a writer and a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation scholar who describes herself as a “neurodiverse neurodiversity researcher.”

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