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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 193

Strenuorum immortale nomen

To the honorable Gentleman, Sir WILLIAM RUSSELL. Knight.

Achilles tombe upon SIGAEA shore,
This representes: where THETIS ofte was seene:
And for his losse, did seeme for to deplore,
With gallant flower the same was alwaies greene:
   And at the toppe, a palme did freshelie bloome;
   Whose braunches sweete did overspread the toombe.

Which shewes, thoughe deathe the valiaunt overthrowe,
Yet after fate, their fame remaines behinde:
And triumphes still, and dothe no conquest knowe,
But is the badge of everie noble minde:
   And when in grave their corpes inclosed lye,
   Their famous actes doe pierce the azure skye.