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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 184

Nec sibi, nec alteri

To Aphilus.

A, snarlinge curre, did in the manger lie,
Who rather sterv'd? then made the haye, his meate,
Yet shew'd his fanges, and offred for to flie
Uppon the oxe, who hungred for to eate.
   And there throughe spite, did keepe the oxe from foode:
   Untill for wante, hee faynted as hee stoode.

The covetous man envious, here behoulde,
Who hath inowghe, yet use thereof doth lacke:
And doth envie his needie neighbour, shoulde
But get a groate, if he coulde houlde it backe?
   Who, thoughe they doe possesse the divill, and all?
   Yet are they like the dogge, in oxes stall?