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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 154

Aliena pericula, cautiones nostrae

The lyon, asse, and foxe, goe forthe to hunte for pray:
Which done: the lyon bad the asse, the spoile in partes to lay.
Then he with greate regarde, three partes alike did share:
Wherat, the lyon in a rage, the asse in peeces tare.
The foxe he charged then, for to performe the same:
Who, all the beste, uppon one heape, did for the lyon frame:
And littel of the worste, did for him selfe reserve:
Then beinge ask'd, what taughte him so unequally to carve?
This spectacle (quoth hee) which I behoulde with care:
Which showes, those happie that can bee by others harmes beware.