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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 128

Captivus, ob gulam

The mouse, that longe did feede on daintie crommes,
And safelie search'd the cupborde and the shelfe:
At lengthe for chaunge, unto an Oyster commes,
Where of his deathe, he guiltie was him selfe:
   The Oyster gap'd, the Mouse put in his head,
   Where he was catch'd, and crush'd till he was dead.

The Gluttons fatte, that daintie fare devoure,
And seeke about, to satisfie theire taste:
And what they like, into theire bellies poure,
This justlie blames, for surfettes come in haste:
   And biddes them feare, their sweete, and dulcet meates,
   For oftentimes, the same are deadlie baites.