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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 82

Homines voluptatibus transformantur

See here ULISSES men, transformed straunge to heare:
Some had the shape of Goates, and Hogges, some Apes, and Asses weare.
Who, when they might have had their former shape againe,
They did refuse, and rather wish'd, still brutishe to remaine.
Which showes those foolishe sorte, whome wicked love dothe thrall,
Like brutishe beastes do passe theire time, and have no sence at all.
And thoughe that wisedome woulde, they shoulde againe retire,
Yet, they had rather CIRCES serve, and burne in theire desire.
Then, love the onelie crosse, that clogges the worlde with care,
Oh stoppe your eares, and shutte your eies, of CIRCES cuppes beware.