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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 78

Noli altum sapere

With, lime, and net, the Mavis, and the larke,
The fowler loe, deceaved by his arte:
But whilste alofte, he level'd at his marke,
And did to highe exalte, his hawghtie harte,
   An adder fell, that in the grasse did lurke,
   With poisoned stinge, did his destruction worke.

Let mortall men, that are but earthe, and duste,
Not looke to highe, with puffe of wordlie pride:
But sometime, viewe the place wheretoo they muste,
And not delighte, the poorest to deride:
   Leste when theire mindes, do mounte unto the skies,
   Their fall is wrought, by thinges they doe dispise.

Some others are, that fitlie this applie,
To those, whoe doe Astronomie professe:
Whoe leave the earthe, and studie on the skie,
As if they coulde, all worldlie thinges expresse:
   Yet, when to knowe the starres they take in hande,
   Of daungers neare, they doe not understande.