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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 62

Amicitia, etiam post mortem durans

To R.T. and M.C. Esquiers.

A Withered Elme, whose boughes weare bare of leaves
And sappe, was sunke with age into the roote:
A fruictefull vine, unto her bodie cleaves,
Whose grapes did hange, from toppe unto the foote:
   And when the Elme, was rotten, drie, and dead,
   His braunches still, the vine abowt it spread.

Which showes, wee shoulde be linck'de with such a frende,
That might revive, and helpe when wee bee oulde:
And when wee stoope, and drawe unto our ende,
Our staggering state, to helpe for to uphoulde:
   Yea, when wee shall be like a sencelesse block,
   That for our sakes, will still imbrace our stock.