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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 39

Mediocribus utere partis

Whome fortune heare allottes a meane estate,
Yet gives enowghe, eache wante for to suffise:
That wavering wighte, that hopes for better fate,
And not content, his cawlinge doth despise,
   Maie vainlie clime, but likelie still to fall,
   And live at lengthe, with losse of maine, and all.

And he that poastes, to make awaie his landes,
And credittes all, that wandringe heades reporte:
Maye Tagus seeke, and Ganges goulden sandes,
Yet come at lengthe, with emptie purse to courte:
   Let suche behoulde, the greedie dogge to moane,
   By brooke deceav'd, with shaddow of his boane.