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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 30

In victoriam dolo partam

What dolefull dame is this in greate dispaire?
This prowes is, whoe mournes on AJAX toombe:
What is the cause, shee rentes her goulden haire?
Wronge sentence paste by AGAMEMNONS doombe:
  But howe? declare, ULISSES filed tonge,
  Allur'de the Judge, to give a Judgement wronge.

For when, that dead ACHYLLIS was in grave,
For valiante harte, did AJAX winne the fame:
Whereby, he claim'de ACHYLLIS armes to have,
ULISSES yet, was honored with the same:
  His suttle speeche, the judges did preferre,
  And AJAX wrong'de, the onelie man of warre.

Wherefore, the Knighte impatient of the same,
Did loose his wittes, and after wroughte his ende:
Loe, heare the cause that moov'de this sacred dame,
On AJAX toombe, with griefe her time too spende:
  Which warneth us, and those that after live,
  To beare them righte, when judgement they do give.