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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 29

Amor in filios

When Boreas coulde, dothe bare both busshe, and tree,
Before the Springe, the Ringdove makes her neste:
And that her yonge both softe, and warme, mighte bee,
Shee pulles her plumes, bothe from her backe, and breste:
  And while shee stryves, her broode for to preserve,
  Ofte times for coulde, the tender damme doth sterve.

MEDEA nowe, and PROGNE, blusshe for shame:
By whome, are ment yow dames of cruell kinde,
Whose infantes yonge, unto your endlesse blame,
For mothers deare, do tyrauntes of yow finde:
  Oh serpentes seede, each birde, and savage brute,
  Will those condempne, that tender not theire frute.