Alciato's Book of Emblems
List of Commentaries

Almost all the emblems have a commentary page giving information about first publication. The following is a list of some of the longer commentaries that have been prepared so far. We shall continue to mount commentaries as we finish them.

You may also wish to see the emblems with sources in the Greek Anthology.

Emblem 1 (snake swallowing child)
Emblem 4 (Ganymede)
Emblem 7 (ass bearing the mysteries)
Emblem 11 (the silent scholar)
Emblem 17 (Pythagoras and the cranes)
Emblem 21 (to wrap an eel in a fig-leaf)
Emblem 24 (olive-tree and grape-vine)
Emblem 27 (Nemesis with her rule and bridle)
Emblem 34 (bull and cows: "bear and forebear")
Emblem 44 (Hope on a vat)
Emblem 51 (wasps on the tomb of Archilochus)
Emblem 80 (Naked figure on vessel: "Those sinning against Nature")
Emblem 103 (Prometheus on the rock)
Emblem 104 (Icarus falling)
Emblem 122 (statue of Occasion)
Emblem 133 (Triton surrounded by snake)
Emblem 144 (anchor and dolphin)
Emblem 153 (beaver pursued by dogs)

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Last modified 19 November 1997