Hypnerotomachia Poliphili
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This is a working survey of material on the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili. Use at your own risk.

We list editions of the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, with some copy locations, in Italian, French, and English. We also supply some secondary sources, a list which we hope to expand with the assistance of Samten de Wet.

The secondary source material is very short; for more information, consult Volume 2, pages 47-51, of the Pozzi-Ciapponi edition listed below. Additions or corrections should be brought to the attention of William Barker.

Dr Joscelyn Godwin of the Department of Music at Colgate University has now finished the first full translation into English, published with all illustrations (New York: Thames and Hudson, 1999). I have bought my copy and it is a splendid book. I haven't yet had a chance to read Godwin's English against the hybrid dialect of the original. I see that the first reviewer of the work at amazon.com is Edward R. Tufte, the outstanding writer on design, who compliments the work generously.

One item not given below, but of great interest, is Charles Nodier's late work Franciscus Columna. Nodier (1780-1844) wrote extensively on books and printing and had a fine eye for design -- and the bizarre.

The Rutgers University site devoted to the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili is closed down. But there is a fascinating site devoted to the images and organization of the text, prepared by the Design Knowledge Systems Group at the Technical University of Delft. There are two sites, one in Delft and a mirror site at MIT Press. There is also information about Aldus Manutius, the printer, at Simon Fraser University.

A / Editions


Hypnerotomachia Poliphili ubi humana omnia nisi somnium esse docet Venice: Aldus 1499 [Electronic version available from MIT Press and the Design Knowledge Systems Group at the Technical University of Delft; copy location not given]

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La hypnerotomachia di Poliphilo. Cioè pugna d'amore in sogno. Dov' egli mostra che tutte le cose humane non sono altro che sogno. Ristampato di novo et ricorreto con somma diligentia. Venetia: Aldus (in casa de' figliuoli di Aldo), 1545. 2o 468 pp.
References: Index Aureliensis *143.132 Locations: Berlin SB; Cambridge Trinity College (Adams C2414); Chicago Newberry; Edinburgh National Library; Harvard College Library (Mortimer 131); London British Library (2); Milano BT; New York Public Library; Paris BibliothŠque Nationale; Wellesley College; Wien NB; Wolfenbttel HB
[Facsimile of 1499] ed J.W. Appell with trans. London: Privy Council, Department of Science and Art in Photo-Lithography, 1888.

Fresh edition of the preceding, London: W. Griggs, 1893.

[Facsimile of 1499] London: Methuen 1901 and 1904

[Facsimile of 1499] Painter, George The Hypnerotomachia Poliphili of 1499: An Introduction to the Dream, the Dreamer, the Artist and the Printer 2 vols. London: Eugrammia Press 1963

[Facsimile of 1499] Farnborough: Gregg International, 1963

Hypnerotomachia Poliphili ed Giovanni Pozzi and Lucia A. Ciapponi. 2 vols. Padova: Editrice Antenore, 1980 [first published 1968]. (Edition with full commentary and bibliography.)

The following were used in the Pozzi-Ciapponi edition, where the variants are listed (insert, vol 2, between pp. 36-7): Berlin Deutsche Staatsbibliothek; Chapel Hill; Marburg Westdeutsche Bibliothek; Milano Biblioteca Bridense (2); Paris Arsenal; Paris Bibliothèque Nationale Réserve (2); Paris Bibliothèque Mazarine (2); Venice Fond. Cini; Venice Bibl. Marciana; Verona Bibl. Com.


Hypnerotomachie, ou discours du songe de Poliphile, deduisant comme Amour le combat a l'occasion de Polia. Soubz la fiction de quoy l'aucteur monstrant que toutes choses terrestres ne sont que uanité, traicte de plusiers matieres profitables, & dignes de memoire. Nouuellement traduict de language Italien en François. [ed. Jean Martin and trans. le Cal. de Lenoncour]. A Paris: [Louis Blaubloom (Cynaeus)] pour Iacques Keruer aux deux Cochetz, Rue S. Iaques. M. D. XLVI. 2o 157ff.
References: Index Aureliensis *143.133 Locations: Boston PL; Bruxelles BR; Cleveland PL; Edinburgh NL; Grenoble BM; Harvard College Library; Lille BM; London BL; Nantes BM; New York PL; Oxford Bodleian; Paris BN; Paris Ste Genevieve; Rennes BM; San Marino Huntington; Wien NB; Yale
[Fresh edition of the preceding.] Hypnerotomachie ou discours du songe de Poliphile, deduisant comme amour le combat a l'occasion de Polia ... Paris: Jaques Kerver, 1554 (1553). 2o 157ff.
References: Index Aureliensis *143.134 Locations: London BL; Paris BN
[Another edition of the preceding.] Hypnerotomachie ou discours du songe do Poliphile, deduisant comme amour le combat a l'occasion de Polia ... Paris: Jehan Le Blanc, pour Jaques Kerver, 1561
References: Index Aureliensis *143.135 Locations: Cambridge UL (Adams C2413); Edinburgh NL; London BL; New York PL; Paris BN (2); Santiago BU; Wien NB; Wolfenbüttel HB
[The same translation, now revised by Béroalde de Verville, with an alchemical commentary] Le tableu des riches inventions couvertes du voile des feintes amoureuses, qui sont representées dans le songe de Poliphile desvoilées des ombres du songe & subtilement exposées par Béroalde de Verville. Paris: Matthieu Guillemot, 1600. 4o (20), 154, (6) ff.
References: Index Aureliensis *143.139 Locations: Aberystwyth NL; London BL (2); Paris BN (several); Paris Arsenale; Wien NB
[Reported translation of this year]

[Reported translation]

Songe de Poliphile, traduction libre de l'italien, par G.J. Legrand, architecte des monuments publics et membre de plusiers sociétés savantes et litéraires 2 vols. Paris: P. Didot l'Ainé, An XIII.=M.DCCCIV.

Fresh edition of preceding, Parma: Bodoni 1811

Le songe de Poliphile ou hypnerotomachie de frère Francesco Colonna litéralement traduit pour la première fois, avec une introduction et des notes, par Claudius Popelin Figures sur bois gravées à nouveau par A. Prunaire. 2 vols. Paris, Isidore Liseux éditeur 1883. Rpt Genève: Slatkine 1971

Reprint of 1561 edition, ed. Bertram Guégan. Paris: Payot 1926 Hypnérotomachie, ou discours du songe de Poliphile, déduisant comme Amour le combat à l'occasion de Polia. Traduit de language italien en français par Jean Martin et Jacques Gohorry, et décoré de dessins de Mantegna gravés sur bois par Jean Cousin et Jean Goujon. Publié par Bertrand Guégan, d'après l'édition Kerver. Paris: Payot 1926

[Small facsimile of Paris 1546], with preface by Albert- Marie Schmidt. [Paris]: Club des Libraires de France 1963


Hypnerotomachia the Strife of Loue in a Dreame. Trans. R[ichard]. D[allington]. At London, [A. Jeffes, J. Charlewood, and Eliot's Court Press] for Simon Waterson, and are to be sold at his shop, in S. Paules Churchyard, at Cheape-gate. 1592. 4o A-Z4 Aa-Cc4
References: STC 5577. STC 5578 is a second variant, printed for W. Holme. STC 5578.2 is a third variant, printed for J. Busbie. STC divides the printing up as follows. Jeffes quires B, D, F, H, I, L, O, R; Charlewood quires A, C, X-Z; and Eliot's Court Press quires Aa-Cc. Locations: 5577: London BL; Oxford Bodleian; Longleat; San Marino Huntington; Washington Folger SL (frag). 5578: London BL (frag of tp only); Oxford Bodleian; Washington Library of Congress. 5578.2: Cambridge Mass Harvard; Oxford Worcester College.
Fresh edition of the preceding, ed. Andrew Lang. London: D. Nutt 1890

[Facsimile of 1592 edition, Bodleian copy] Amsterdam: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum; New York: Da Capo Press 1969 [The English Experience 87]

[Facsimile of 1592 edition] Ed Lucy Gent. Delmar, NY: Scholars' Reprints and Facsimiles 1973

[Facsimile of 1592 edition] New York: Garland 1976

Hypnerotomachia Poliphili: The Strife of Love in a Dream. The Entire Text Translated for the First Time in English with an Introduction by Joscelyn Godwin. New York: Thames and Hudson, 1999.

B / Commentary

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