Alciato's Book of Emblems: Parallel Texts in Latin and English

To make parallel texts of the Latin and English, or to make other comparisons, or to see image and text together if you have a small screen, you should probably be using Netscape.
If you're in Netscape 2.0 or above, or the equivalent, use our preformatted set of parallel frames. These work best for a sequential reading. But we hope to add modifications shortly.

Or you may create multiple screens in Netscape by using "New Web Browser" and reshaping the screens to your specific needs. This option will allow you to set up two or more parallel pages to compare Latin and English version or different emblems. It also allows you to work in your own sequence.

Or you can be witness to another related experiment in framing - the English emblems with a handy table running along the bottom of the page.

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Last modified 1 August 1997