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Alciato Emblem 112: Sources in Greek Anthology 9.548 and 9.302 (trans Paton, III, 305 and 163)

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Ye children of the ox, how wrong of you to kill Hermonax, the straying baby boy. The poor child, in the innocence of his heart, went to you thinking you were bees, and you proved worse than vipers. Instead of giving him a dainty feast you drove your murderous stings into him, bitter bees, contrary in nature to your sweet gifts.

Antipater of Thessalonica
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Bees, ye savage pack, ye killed baby Hermonax as he was creeping to your hive in quest of honey. Often had he been fed by you, and now, alas! ye have stung him to death. If we speak evil of serpents' nests, learn from Lysidice and Amyntor not to praise hives either. They, too, have in them bitter honey.