The Emblemata of 1550

The last of the authorized editions, this edition was published by Rouillé and printed by Bonhomme in Lyons in 1550. Its title reads Emblemata D. A. Alciati, denuo ab ipso Authore recognita, ac, quae desiderabantur, imaginibus locupletata. Accesserunt nova aliquot ab authore emblemata suis quoque eiconibus insignita. There is only one new emblem added to the sequence in this edition, 97, Doctorum agnomina. There are 211 emblems in all (Emblem 80 did not appear).

This edition is reprinted in facsimile, with ample additional commentary, in Andrea Alciato Emblemata Lyons, 1550 trans Betty I Knott (Aldershot: Scolar Press 1996).

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The principal editions: 1531, 1534, 1546, 1550, 1621
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