Registration and First Year Information

Welcome to Memorial University! We are very excited about meeting each one of you in September. We have a number of important items for you to review regarding the registration process and your arrival at MUN.

Final Admission Decision

It is your responsibility to provide all required documentation as soon as it is available and confirm that you meet the final admission requirements to Memorial. Deadline dates for submitting documents can be found at:

High School Students: If you attended high school outside of Newfoundland and Labrador, if you have not done so already, be sure to have an official copy of your final transcript from your school sent to the following address: Admissions Office, Office of the Registrar, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, NL A1C 5S7.

Transfer Students: Be sure to have an official copy of your final transcript from your institution sent to the following address: Admissions Office, Office of the Registrar, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, NL A1C 5S7. 

Please note: A final admission decision cannot be made until all required documents have been received.

You can monitor your final admissions decision and supporting documents status online using the credentials used to submit your application at the original application login page or through your login. Once this site shows a final decision is made an email is sent to the email address provided on the application within 1-3 business days.. Please ensure that you check your junk mail and that you have made email addresses safe senders in your email account.

If you will not be attending Memorial this fall, please contact the Admissions Office by email or by telephone (709) 864-4431 to request that your application be withdrawn for the Fall 2019 semester. Be sure to include your full name, student number and date of birth in the email.


Did you know that you can find out your assigned registration date and time in your email? If you have not set up your mun email, please follow the link,, to set up your account.

To confirm your registration time, log into, select “Students,” click on “Launch Memorial Self-Service,” select "Student Main Menu" and open the “Registration” tab. Registration times and course offerings are normally available by mid-June.

Once you familiarize yourself with the online registration procedures and the registration process, you will be ready to log into the registration system through Memorial Self-Service. For frequently asked questions related to registration, please visit It is important that you register as close as possible to your assigned registration time.

We strongly recommend you to log on to Memorial Self-Service before your assigned time for registration so you can plan your schedule and become familiar with the system.


We recommend that you review the First Year Information online to help plan your course selection for your first semester as well as to learn about services and supports available at MUN.

Please feel free to contact an Academic Advisor or another representative from Memorial if you need any assistance regarding your course selection. Email and request an Academic Advisor to contact you. Please include your student number and your intended program of study in your email.


You may change your schedule through Memorial Self-Service after you have completed your initial registration. Keep in mind that, once you drop a course, you may not be able to add it to your schedule again should another student register for the available space. Also, if you drop a course that is a co-requisite of another course in your schedule, the other course will also be dropped.

If you have concerns about registration or changing your schedule, please do not hesitate to contact the Academic Advising Centre at (709) 864-8801 or To learn how to book an appointment with an academic advisor please visit the Academic Advising Centre website.


The Academic Advising Centre will offer extended hours to provide support to students during registration from July 16 - July 18 and July 22 - July 25 (8:30am to 6:45pm). Students can book an appointment for the extended hour service starting on June 15. If there are no appointments available, you can still email or phone (709) 864-8801 for support during the extended hours.


Changes to your contact information can be made through Memorial Self-Service. Please check this information and ensure it remains accurate once you arrive in St. John’s. 


Depending on your high school Math courses, grades and your intended program of study at Memorial, you may need to write the Math Placement Test or the Calculus Placement Test. The Course Criteria Chart for Mathematics will help you determine if you need to write the MPT or CPT. The MPT is designed to assess your basic mathematics skills with the intention of ensuring that you register for the Mathematics course that is best suited for you. The CPT is an examination of a student’s knowledge of differential calculus. A sample test for both the MPT and CPT can be found on the Department of Mathematics and Statistics website.

For out of province students and international students, you should register for the MPT or CPT examination along with your other courses by first adding the course Mathematics 1MPT or Mathematics 1CPT. Once you register for the MPT or CPT you are able to register for your desired math course.

If you do not obtain the appropriate mark on the MPT or the CPT, an Academic Advisor can assist you with deciding which courses you should take. You can contact an academic advisor by emailing or calling (709) 864-8801.


For students planning to attend Memorial University from outside Canada, we encourage you to read the Before You Arrive and After You Arrive webpages provided by the Internationalization Office (IO). This information will provide you with a list of items to consider before and after your arrival. This includes information about registering for the airport greeting service, checking in with IO and learning about services available to international students. For more information, contact


At SOAR, students will build friendships with future classmates, experience the deep traditions of Memorial University and discover what it truly means to become a Memorial University student.

SOAR is a full day event with an option to stay overnight in residence. Check out the schedule of events here.

The cost to attend SOAR 2019 is only $49 and the optional overnight stay in residence is free! For students who are interested in attending, register online.

If you have any questions about SOAR, or if you are a Horizon/Joyce scholarship recipient, please send your email to or call (709) 864-3543.


The Student Housing office does not cancel on-campus accommodation for applicants who are ineligible for final admission due to final high school results. Students who are denied admission for this reason must notify Student Housing at to cancel their accommodations. This request should be made immediately following confirmation of final admission status.

For the Fall semester, new residents can move into residence beginning on September 1, 2019. You can learn more about living on our campus, including a check list of items you may want to bring with you by visiting the Student Residences' website,

If you have questions about your housing status for the Fall semester, please email Memorial’s Student Housing Office at


If you have received an early entrance scholarship offer from Memorial, please note that you will receive confirmation of your scholarship after final admission averages have been confirmed. A letter confirming your scholarship will be sent to the permanent mailing address and/or the MUN email address you have on file with the university.

If you did not receive an early scholarship offer, please note that additional scholarships will be awarded in August and September based on Final Admission Averages. If you have any questions, please contact the Scholarships Office at Payments for entrance scholarships will be applied to students’ Memorial University accounts starting in August 2019. Second disbursements, where applicable, will be issued early in the winter semester.


Did you know you can make a payment on your student account using your bank's online or telephone payment system? Memorial University can be set up as a payee for most major banks. Just follow three easy steps presented on the Cashier's Office website.

Tuition fees and all other fees are due upon registration and must be paid by the first day of classes. Once you register for courses you are financially liable for them unless you drop them by the appropriate deadlines. Fees must be paid by the Wednesday, September 4, 2019 deadline to avoid a late payment penalty. You can view a detailed list of the amount you owe at any time through Memorial Self Service in the Financial Information section. As well, an invoice will be sent to you through your email account.

For a detailed listing of all financial regulations and fees, please see Tuition Fees and Charges 2019/2020. For other financial inquiries, please contact the Cashier’s Office in St. John’s at (709) 864-8226 or (709) 864-8229.


You can find out which books you need for your courses from the bookstore online. Simply go to the Memorial University Bookstore website, select "Books" followed by "Textbook Search" from the main menu.


You can submit your photo for your Campus Card online .

The primary use is for identification purposes (necessary when taking final examinations), but the campus card can also be used as a library card, as a photocopying card, and as a means to gain access to public laser printers on campus. The card also allows students to gain access through certain electronic doors on campus. If you plan to live on campus, your student identification card will serve as your key to your residence. You can put money on your card online, at the QEII Library or at any other location on campus where campus card loading machines are found. 


Registered Educational Savings Plan (RESP) agencies and Educational Scholarship Trust Fund companies may require that a student submit completed forms to confirm a student’s full-time attendance, duration of degree program, and year of study.

The Office of the Registrar does not complete the form(s) provided by the RESP agency or Educational Scholarship Trust Fund company. Instead, a student may request an enrolment verification letter. The enrolment verification letter includes the required information and is accepted by the RESP agencies and Educational Scholarship Trust Fund companies in lieu of the enrolment verification section of the form(s). The enrolment verification letter is requested by the student (beneficiary) for submission directly to the agency or company.

You should request your enrolment verification letter through Memorial Self-Service after you have registered as a full-time student in a minimum of nine credit hours for the semester. The enrolment verification letter can be provided to you in pdf format by email or in hard copy paper format that can be sent by standard mail, sent by fax or picked up by you with your MUN ID at the Office of the Registrar's General Office, A 2003. When you receive the enrolment verification form, you should submit it to your RESP agency or Educational Scholarship Trust Fund company.

Remember to register as soon as your registration window opens and to request your enrolment verification letter as soon as you have registered. This will ensure that you receive a prompt response by the Office of the Registrar and that you meet the deadline of your RESP agency or Educational Scholarship Trust company.

If you wish to authorize a parent or another third party to discuss with us your RESP or Educational Scholarship Trust Fund, an information release form is available to be submitted to from your email account or brought to the Registrar’s General Office, A 2003.

Inquiries may be directed to or (709) 864 8260 or by fax (709) 864-2337.

We hope to see you at Memorial soon!
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