Living Memorial Funded Projects


1. Harlow Student Travel Assistance to BH – WW001, Gerald Pocius, University Research Professor, Dept. of Folklore

2. Ain't Gonna Study War no More: The Lost Agenda in Education Abroad – WW002, Sonja Knuston, Manager, International Student Advising Office

3. Orientation Student Creativity Contest – WW003, Holly White, Student Leadership Programs Coordinator

4. Mystery of the Myosotis avrvensis – WW004, Fred Hawksley, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education

5. The Newfoundland Mi’kmaq in World War I – WW005, Maura Hanrahan (Grenfell), Assistant professor of community health (medical anthropology)

6. "I could not be a slacker" – WW006, Terry Bishop-Stirling, Head, Dept of History

7. School Heritage Fair Prizes – WW007, WW100 committee

8. Harlow Student Travel Assistance to BH – WW008, Don Nichol, Professor, Dept of English

9. Travel assistance for Gwynne Dyer (Grenfell) – WW009, Laura Edwards (Grenfell), Director, Marketing and Communications, Grenfell Campus

10. Travel assistance for Gwynne Dyer (St. John's) – WW010, Lynn Phillips, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Arts

11. The Heroism of our Grandfathers – WW011, Lori-Ann Campbell, Aboriginal Liaison Officer, Aboriginal Resource Office

12. Festival of Remembrance – WW012, Tony Taylor, B.Ed. student, B.Mus.

13. Humanities Conference Commemorating WW1 – WW013, Dr. Bernard N. Wills, Humanities Programme, Grenfell Campus

14. Unity (1918) – WW014, Dr. Jamie Skidmore, English Dept

15. Support for Dr. Greenlee lecture – WW015, Jenn Hartley, Grenfell Campus MarComm

16. The Sisterhood of Newfoundland Nurses in the First World War – WW016, Dr. Sandra MacDonald, School of Nursing

17. Canada and the First World War: A public debate – WW017, Liam Way – MUN Debate Society

18. Transnational Actors in War and Peace Conference – WW036, Miriam Anderson, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

19. NL Heritage Website – WW037, Jim Feehan, Academic Coordinator, NL Heritage Website

20. Commemorative Art Song Project; VAD letters – WW038, Caroline Schiller, Associate Professor, Voice and Opera, School of Music

21. NL Heritage Website – WW039, Jim Feehan, Associate Professor

22. Lasting Remembrance: Newfoundland, Labrador, and War – WW040, Lisa Goddard (Chair), Queen Elizabeth II Library First World War Commemoration Committee

23. The World Wars at Sea: An Interactive Memorial Wall – WW042, Catherine Lawton – Dr. C. R. Barrett Library

24. When the Boys Came Home – Obtain interim report – WW047, Michael Wert/Mary Sexton (Rink Rat Productions)


1. The Heroism of our Grandfathers; Honoring NL Aboriginal Participation in World War I – Part II – WW018, Susan Kennedy, Office of the Special Advisor to the President for Aboriginal Affairs

2. Conference travel for “Canada and the First World War” and community events at the Harlow campus – WW019, Kathryn Rose, Queen Elizabeth II Library, First World War Commemoration Committee

3. Dr. Cluny Macpherson: Reflections about a Newfoundlander in the First World – WW020, Stephanie Harlick, Faculty of Medicine Founders’ Archive

4. British Association of Canadian Studies FWW Conference – WW021, Haakon Webber-Winsor

5. Phase 1, Planning a Conference on Post-traumatic stress disorder – WW022, Drs. Rose Ricciardelli, Department of Sociology and Stephen Bornstein, Department of Political Science

6. Dr. Cluny Macpherson: Reflections about a Newfoundlander in the First World – WW023, Stephanie Harlick, Faculty of Medicine Founders’ Archive

7. English 4401: Producing the Play is a Memorial course that teaches students how to stage and mount a play – WW024, Dr. Jamie Skidmore, English Dept.

8. Lasting Remembrance: Costs associated with travel and events at Labrador Institute and Grenfell campus – WW025, Kathryn Rose, Chair of the Lasting Remembrance: Newfoundland, Labrador and War project team

9. The Reconstructed Face of Battle: Private George Stone and the Origins of Plastic Surgery in the First World War – WW026, J.T.H. (Jim) Connor BSc MA MPhil PhD FRHistS [Full Professor and John Clinch Professor of Medical Humanities and History of Medicine; cross appointed to departments of History and Biology]

10. Exhibition accompanying Resource Centre for the Arts (RCA) WWI play, Dedication – WW027, Colleen Quigley, Archives and Special Collections, Memorial Libraries

11. Shining a Light on Hope and Peace - Building More Nurturing Societies – WW041, Ms. Fran Kirby, Director, Professional Development & Conferencing Services (PDCS), Faculty of Medicine

12. How the Great War Brought Great Social Change to Newfoundland – WW043, Dr. Donna Hardy Cox, Memorial University of Newfoundland School of Social Work

13. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Multidisciplinary Conference on Causes, Consequences and Responses – WW045, Dr. Rose Ricciardelli, Assistant Professor and Coordinator for Criminology, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts


1. International Presentation of WWI Research Project – WW028, Dr. Maura Hanrahan, Humanities Program, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University

2. Dr. Michael S. Neiberg public lecture support – WW029, Dr. Justin Fantauzzo, Assistant Professor, History Department, Memorial University of Newfoundland

3. Beaumont Hamel Travel Request WW030, Nathalie Vanasse, Science Technician IV, Chemistry Department, Memorial University

4.Beaumont Hamel Travel Request – WW056, Ruth Leake, Sr. Institutional Analyst, Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning, Memorial University

5. Trip to Beaumont Hamel – WW031, Captain Barry Power, Commanding Officer, 2515 St. John’s Royal Canadian Army Cadets and Ph.D. Candidate, Instructional Assistant, Chemistry Department, Memorial University

6. The Great War Project (Mystery of the Myosotis Arvensis) – WW032, Fred Hawksley, Memorial University

7. “Jackspeak: The Royal Naval Reserve Newfoundland Division at War” – WW033, Dr. Shannon Lewis-Simpson

8. CLB Beaumont Hamel Travel – WW034, David Mercer, QEII Library

9. The Sisterhood of Newfoundland General Hospital Graduate Nurses Serving Overseas in World War I – WW035, Dr. Sandra MacDonald

10. Cadet Trip to Beaumont Hamel – WW051, Lieutenant Michaela Burke, Assistant Training Officer, 2515 St. John’s Royal Canadian Army Cadets

11. Church Lads Brigade trip to Beaumont Hamel – WW052, Musician, Matthew Keels, CLB Regimental Band, Memorial University

12. WW1 Symposium Proposal – WW061, Dr. Edwin Bezzina, Historical Studies, Grenfell College

13. Battle Harbour Nurses: To the Front and Back – WW062, Dr. Katherine Side, Associate Professor, Department of Gender Studies

14. Medical Efforts on the Homefront: Tuberculosis among the Troops in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1914-20 – WW063, Dr. Heidi Coombs-Thorne, Research Assistant, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University

15. Theatre, Film, and Society: Harlow Fall 2016 – WW046, Dr. Jamie Skidmore

16. Lasting Remembrance: Newfoundland, Labrador, and War – WW058, Kathryn Rose (Chair), Queen Elizabeth II Library First World War Commemoration Committee

17. Harlow Political Science Fall Semester 2016 Living Memorial Commemoration Events – WW059, Christopher Dunn, Professor, Department of Political Science

18. Archiving, Digitizing and Making WWI Artifacts Available – WW060, Colleen Quigley, Archives and Special Collections, Memorial Libraries

19. Labrador's Contribution to the World Wars – WW048, Ernest McLean, President, Labrador Heritage Society

20. “Peace by Piece – Quilted Memorial of Newfoundland in the Great War” – WW049, Elsa Flack, ONL

21. “Voluntary Aid Detachment: Newfoundland Women and Their Service during the Great War” – WW050, George R. French, Archivist and Manager Corner Brook Museum and Archives, and Matthew Janes, Ph.D., Director, Student Services (Grenfell)

22. Answering the Call – 100 Years Later – WW055, Stephanie Tucker, Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador


1. Royal Canadian Legion Artefact Inventory - WW078, Dr. Shannon Lewis-Simpson, Student Life, Memorial University

2. YOUR DAUGHTER FANNY. A chamber-theatre work for voice, voilin and piano - WW066, Dr. Caroline Schiller, Professor, School of Music, Memorial University

3. Fighting the Devil Himself: Malaria in the London Regiment, 1914 - 1921 - WW070, Mr. Brandon Welcher, Honours Student, Faculty of History and Social Sciences, Memorial University

4. Answering The Call - 100 Years Later - Part II - WW067, Stephanie Tucker, Conservation Corps of Newfoundland and Labrador

5. Newfoundland POWs - WW068, Jessie M. Chisholm, Memorial University


1. War in Comics - WW072, Irene Velentzas, Department of English, Memorial University

2. Labrador's Contribution to the World Wars, Phase II - WW074, Mr. Ernest McLean, President, Labrador Historical Society

3. International Experiential Learning Opportunity - WW078, Dr. Shannon Lewis-Simpson, Student Experience Office, Student Life, Memorial University

4. Harlow Summer Music Course 2019: Music in Historical and Contemporary Contexts - WW080, Dr. Caroline Schiller, School of Music, Memorial University


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