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About This Report

The full length President's Report 2004-2005 is available on the Web at www.mun.ca/2005report and on DVD, available by request. A highlights brochure is also available. We welcome your feedback. Web and DVD versions contain an e-mail readership survey. You can also send your comments to marcomm@mun.ca or call 709-737-8665.

The President's Report 2004-2005 is a production of Marketing and Communications, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The periods covered by this report are: Academic year: September 2004 - August 2005; Fiscal year: April 2004 - March 2005.


Dr. Axel Meisen, president

Editorial board:

Highlights brochure design and graphics: Helen Houston, Image Services, Marketing and Communications

CD/Web site design: David Cantwell, Mark English, Jeff Simms, Rohan Sooklal, ccwebworks, Computing and Communications

Video and DVD Production:Memorial's Distant Education and Learning Techonologies; Lingo Communications

Photography: Image Services, Marketing and Communications

Research/Writing: Connie Boland, Pamela Gill, Sharon Gray, Jeff Green, Kristine Hamlyn, Deborah Inkpen, Wade Kearley, Tracey Mills, Peter Morris, Ivan Muzychka, Michelle Osmond, Aimee Sheppard, Dave Sorensen, Kim Thornhill

Financial information: Brian Colbourne, Deborah Collis, Department of Financial and Administrative Services

Charts and graphs: Paul Chancey, Tracey Thorne, Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning