{President's Report 2003}
Vital Signs
* Research
New Research to Enhance Cod Health
Coasts Under Stress
Progress in Cervical Cancer
Reaping the Seeds of History
Bringing International Business Closer
Eight New Canada Research Chairs
Memorial Welcomes New Research Talent
President's Award for Outstanding Research
University Research Professor
Publishing Successes
Campus Life
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Publishing Successes

A Field Guide to the Vernacular Architecture of St. Pierre et Miquelon
By Dr. Gerald L. Pocius and Rodrigue Girardin

Of Corpse: Death and Humor in Folklore and Popular Culture
Edited by Dr. Peter NarvŠez

Croatia: Travels in Undiscovered Country
By Tony Fabijancic

Retrenchment and Regeneration in Rural Newfoundland
Edited by Reginald Byron

The Labrador Memoir of Dr. Harry Paddon: 1912-1938
By Dr. Ronald Rompkey

Philosophy and Freedom: the Legacy of James Doull
Edited by Dr. David Peddle

Digital Expressions
By Drs. Barrie Barrell and Roberta Hammett

Visual Words: Art and the Material Book in Victorian England
By Gerard Curtis

Helix: New and Selected Poems
By John Steffler

Cruise Ship Blues
By Dr. Ross Klein

When X Equals Marylou
By Dr. Tamas Dobozy

The Solo Cantata in Eighteenth-Century Britain: A Thematic Catalog
By Dr. Paul Rice

English-Cayuga, Cayuga-English Dictionary
By Dr. Carrie Dyck, Lottie Keye, Alfred Keye, and Frances Froman

Copper Plate Photogravure: Demystifying the Process
By David Morrish and Marlene MacCallum

Companion to Clinical Neurology
By Dr. William Pryse-Phillips

Coastlines: The Poetry of Atlantic Canada
Edited by Anne Compton, Laurence Hutchman, Ross Leckie and Robin McGrath

Sacred Cows, Righteous Beefs
By Dr. B. Mark Schoenberg

Labrador Through Moravian Eyes: 250 Years of Art, Photographs and Records
By Dr. Hans Rollmann

Roadside Crosses in Contemporary Memorial Culture
By Holly Everett

Professionalism and Ethics in Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Dr. John Crellin and Fernando Ania

Becoming Leaders: A Handbook for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology
Dr. Mary Williams and Carolyn Emerson

Little Jack and Other Newfoundland Folktales
Edited by Dr. John Widdowson

Newfoundland at the Crossroads
Documents on Confederation with Canada

Edited By Dr. John FitzGerald