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Exemplary Employee Awards

In November 2002, Memorial University presented the President's Awards for Exemplary Service at a ceremony held in the University Club. The awards, which have been presented since 1995, recognize the commitment to excellent service provided by administrative staff members. A similar ceremony was held at Grenfell College.

The selection committee considers nominees who have demonstrated commitment to excellence in their role within the university community. Consideration is also given to people who perform actions of significant merit that benefit the university community and are over and above normal employment responsibilities.

Each employee received a $1,000 cash prize and a framed certificate noting the achievement. Their accomplishments will also be noted in a public display in the Arts and Administration Building. To read more about the award recipients pictured above, turn to page 7.

At the awards ceremony, long-serving employees received pins acknowledging 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service to the university.

Click here for a list of employees who received pins.

The following citations were read out at the event.

Arlene Buckle

Secretary, Division of Arts, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College

{Arlene Buckle}
Arlene Buckle

Arlene has been an employee of the college since its inception in 1975 and has taken part in every aspect of life at the college. She is best known for her spirit of volunteerism and dedication. In addition to her position as secretary to the Division of Arts, Arlene volunteers and takes a leadership role in several important activities. She is the principal liaison and organizer of the college convocation. While organizing this important event her courtesy and calm manner never deserts her. She attends to the many behind the scene details that help make convocation a success. According to one nominator, "the convocation's success is directly attributable to the monumental efforts of Arlene Buckle." She is the driving force behind many of the social events that contribute to the sense of collegiality and family spirit at the college. She volunteers with the social committee to organize parties and fundraisers. This often entails giving many hours of her personal time to ensure that social events are successful. One nominator described Arlene as "someone who personifies what our campus has always strived to be: friendly, personable, approachable, accessible, diligent and efficient."

Joseph (Joe) Carroll

Supervisor of Mechanical Systems and Controls, Facilities Management

{Joe Carroll}
Joe Carroll

Joe began his career with the university in 1982 as an electrician apprentice. During his career, Joe's eagerness to learn has led to his recent promotion to his current position as supervisor within Facilities Management. Over the years he has demonstrated excellence by going the extra mile to ensure that events for students, employees, alumni and visitors are a success. His attention to meeting the needs of clients has had a positive impact on the success of events, such as provincial and national science fairs and university convocations, conference for the National Association of University Board Chairs and Secretaries, and a thank-you concert for donors to the Opportunity Fund. He has given many hours of his personal time in service to the university community. One nominator noted, "Joe's attention to excellence is apparent in the quality of the improvements to most of the fire alarm control systems on campus that Joe has had his hand in during the past 20 years." Joe has a reputation as a builder of bridges. In his leadership roles with NAPE 7801 he has sought fair and balanced solutions that recognize the interests of both employees and management.

Patrick (Pat) Clarke

Technologist III, Department of Technical Services

{Pat Clarke}
Pat Clarke

Pat began working at Memorial University in 1993 as a technologist with the Department of Technical Services. He provides biomedical technology service to the Health Care Corporation of St. John's. Pat is known for providing truly superior customer service with an ever-present smile and positive disposition. Superior courtesy, friendliness and helpfulness are all themes that appear in his nomination materials. One nominator states, "Pat Clarke has provided service beyond belief!" To quote another, "Pat has perfected his technical and interpersonal abilities to the highest level and thus delivers superior service to the hospital." Nominators credit Pat with providing invaluable technical leadership in the move of the Janeway Child Health and Children's Rehabilitation Centre to its new location at the Health Sciences Centre. His focus on customer service, quality and cost containment have had a direct impact on the hospital's ability to provide quality patient care.

Burke Emberley

Custodian, Facilities Management Department

{Burke Emberley}
Burke Emberley

Burke has been providing custodial services on campus for over 20 years. During his career he has maintained a high level of energy, enthusiasm and pride in a job well done. Burke is known as a pleasant individual with a ready smile who makes others feel comfortable. Before his arrival at the Henrietta Harvey Building two employees were assigned custodial duties. Burke provides these services on his own and consistently delivers an exemplary level of service. Clients remarked that upon Burke's arrival areas of the building have been cleaned that have never been cleaned before. Burke is the envy of others across campus, who wish that he were assigned to their building. Some years ago the employees of the Henrietta Harvey Building started to collect a building Christmas bonus to present to him in appreciation for his cheerful manner and excellent service. This Christmas bonus has become a tradition and has had the unexpected benefit of bringing people together in the building. One nominator wrote, "Think of a person happy and comfortable in his job and committed to excellence and you are talking Burke Emberley".

Frances (Fran) Kirby

Manager, Office of Professional Development, Faculty of Medicine

{Fran Kirby}
Fran Kirby

Fran began her career at Memorial in 1984. Her career has been marked by a series of promotions and stellar achievements. She has a keen sense of seeing things through to a successful end. One nominator describes Fran as "bringing an uplifting spirit and a relentless determination to her position." Some of Fran's notable achievements are: created Memorial's first Science Camp for nine to 15-year-olds; invention, development and management of MedQuest and Metro Med summer career-oriented programs for high school students primarily from rural Newfoundland - the alumnus for these programs now total more than 1,500. Fran also created the Exploring Health Careers CD-ROM, a career planning tool for students and a Web portal for continuing medical education. She raised $1.5 million dollars for programs to date. Fran's innovative work has received national and international recognition bringing positive attention to the Faculty of Medicine and Memorial University. Fran's real strength is her ability to relate to people and build partnerships. She is known as a compassionate individual dedicated to life long learning both for herself and others. Innovator, leader, ambassador, and caring people person are all words that describe Fran Kirby.