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Campus Life Highlights

Web Portal Release
On April 1, 2003, Computing and Communications unveiled Memorial's Web portal. The strong and powerful piece of software promises to drastically alter the way information is sent and received at Memorial. The portal caters primarily to the current student base, allowing students to customize and organize personal access to various web services from a single location using an individual sign-in. It currently offers services such as news, weather, classifieds, bookmarks, national news, and allows Distance Education students to access information about their course materials and course information.

Banner Finance
Memorial replaced its aging Financial Records System with the Banner Finance System on April 1, 2003. The system, which was developed by Systems and Computing Technology Inc., is a move toward web and client-server based information systems technology to provide state-of-the-art services for faculty and administrative staff.

Cutover of telephone services
The Department of Computing & Communications conducted an extensive review of Memorial's options for the delivery of telephone service to the St. John's campus. As a result, the university entered into a contract with Group Telecom (GT) for the provisioning of voice services. Through the contract with GT, the University will recognize significant cost savings, about $225,000 annual in telecommunications services, which is expected to continue over the next few years.

DELT helps host a successful CADE Conference
The Canadian Association for Distance Education's (CADE) annual conference and annual general meeting took place in St. John's from June 7-11, 2003. With record attendance of over 300 delegates from post-secondary educational institutions from across Canada, the 20th anniversary of CADE was celebrated; a vantage point to reflect on achievements and renew directions in distance education.

Residence life manager hired at Grenfell College
In response to the growing needs of students living on the Corner Brook campus, the Housing Office created the position of residence life manager this year. This position focuses on developing social support programs to better meet the needs of students on a day-to-day basis.

Work begun on establishing the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Science
Work to establish the IBES (Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Science) at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College progressed. The province recently advertised for an IBES director and the government also formulated a board of directors for the institute. Future positions at Grenfell will include a program co-coordinator, research analyst and funding co-coordinator. The provincial government's decision to place its Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Science on the Grenfell campus is advancing research and environmental programming at Grenfell. The mandate of the Biodiversity Institute is to ensure the research and knowledge requirements of the provincial government will become a focus of the academic community within the province.

One Card System introduced
A new identification One Card System was introduced for the fall 2003 semester. Current students have been able to apply for their new card via the Internet. Special arrangements for obtaining the identification card will be set up in the Field House.

Hi-tech career centre opens
On June 16, 2003, the Board of Directors of The Counselling Foundation of Canada and Dr. Lilly Walker, Dean of Student Affairs and Services, officially opened Memorial University's state of the art hi-tech career centre and video conferencing facility.

New International Student Support Office opened
In August Memorial opened its new International Student Support Office in Corte Real. This new facility houses all the services for international students in one location and includes a lounge space and meeting rooms.

Accreditation of internship program
The Counselling Centre Predoctoral Professional Psychology Internship Program was recently accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association. As one of only two Canadian university Counselling Centres to be accredited it has developed a competency based approach to the training of professional psychologists.

Grenfell apartment chalets officially opened
Sir Wilfred Grenfell College's new chalet-style apartments opened officially Sept. 5, 2002. Although five of the chalets accepted students as early as January 2002, Memorial University and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador chose to celebrate the success of all eight, fully operational chalets on the first day of classes. The chalets have added an additional 220 student rooms, bringing the total number of accommodations on campus to more than 400. Each regular apartment has four bedrooms with a shared kitchen and living area and one-and-a-half bathrooms (shower curtains and bathmats provided). Apartments are furnished with a fridge and stove, kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture and draperies, mops, brooms and waste baskets. All apartments are fully wired for telephone and Internet.

Marine station opens in Bonne Bay
Memorial University's newest state-of-the-art facility, the Bonne Bay Marine Station, opened officially Sept. 6, 2002. The station features laboratories, aquariums, meeting rooms, dock and boat, accommodations wing and other key resources for students, researchers, local communities and tourists interested in learning about the marine ecosystem of the area. Built on the site of Memorial's 30-year old biology field station, the new Bonne Bay Marine Station serves as a teaching centre for university marine biology and environmental studies students, a research complex and a marine interpretation centre for the public.

Grenfell College's student bar expands
Renovations at Grenfell College's student-run bar have allowed more students to take advantage of the facility. Expansion to the Backlot has involved the installation of a roll-up metal mesh door and a window that allows students just outside the bar to feel engaged in the bar's activities. It will also be easier to manage wet/dry events, with underage students participating on the "food court side" and students 19 and over inside the original perimeters of the bar.

Board passes clothing policy
On Dec. 5, Memorial's Board of Regents passed a new policy ensuring that all clothing sold by the university would be manufactured in conditions with fair labour practices. While the bookstore always had a policy pertaining to fair labour practices and the production of Memorial clothing, the guidelines did not extend beyond its borders. Primarily a student initiative, members of OXFAM and MUNSU were the driving force to broaden and strengthen the existing policy.

Open house at Grenfell College
The second annual open house, held at Grenfell College in March, gave participants a glimpse of the interesting and creative activities that go on at the west coast campus of Memorial University.