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For Graduate Students

Graduate students come to the Writing Centre for many reasons. Some wish to refresh themselves on mechanics and elements of style. Others seek guidance and feedback on papers and articles they are preparing. Still others want help with portions of their theses. The Centre also assists graduate students with paper/project proposals, application letters, personal statements and entrance-exam preparation.

We also deliver workshops on topics concerning graduate students, including workshops on ways to simplify convoluted prose, things to keep in mind when preparing articles for publication, and the like. Such presentations can be arranged by contacting the Writing Centre director.

Our graduate student services are in great demand, and we strongly recommend that graduate students make appointments as well in advance as possible. Due to the finite number of graduate appointments available, we can seldom accommodate last-minute requests. Please note that we give only one appointment per week to graduate-level students, and that we do NOT provide an editing service - we strive to help you develop strategies with which you yourself can improve your writing.

Writing Centre Policy for Graduate Appointments

Please read our new policy for appointments, effective January 2011.



To make an appointment

Simply drop by SN2053, call 864-3168, or email Diane Ennis at

Please remember to specify that you are a graduate student!

Employment Opportunities - Graduate Peer Tutors

The Writing Centre is seeking graduate students to fill 56-hour GA positions. The primary responsibility of these positions is to deliver one-on-one tutorials with MUN graduate students. Additional responsibilities may also be assigned by the Writing Centre Director. The successful applicants will have excellent written and oral communication skills and a genuine interest in writing pedagogy. Previous experience working as a Writing Centre tutor would also be an asset. 

Star Date: January 19, 2015

End Date: April 17, 2015

Rate of Pay: $21.15 per hour


This position is covered by a Collective Agreement between TAUMUN and Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Interested students who fit the above description can apply for the position by bringing resumes and two samples of their recent academic writing to Ginny Ryan at the Writing Centre, Science Building, Room SN-2053. Alternatively, students can contact Ginny by phone at 864-7705 or by email at

Application Deadline:  January 15th, 2015