Who We Are

The Women's Resource Centre (WRC) is currently the only student-run, feminist organization on campus, funded by both MUN Student's Union and Student Affairs and Services. We consist of a collective of active, committed volunteers dedicated to the physical, emotional, and psychological wellness of all women. As such, our purpose spans across a broad spectrum, both in meeting the individual needs of both female and male visitors to our Centre, as well as working toward personal wellness, awareness, education, and advocacy for the community as a whole.


WRC volunteers are trained in crisis intervention and are knowledgeable concerning the multi-faceted range of issues facing many women. We are available for informal peer support and can provide referrals to various campus and community services. Anyone needing a safe space, a confidential source of information, or simply someone to talk to is welcome to stop by!


The WRC has numerous resources available to students in our academic and self-help library, which includes books, files, journals, and videos. We offer a variety of free products to students and staff, including condoms, lubricant, pads, and tampons which are available to those who need them on an individual basis. We are also available to organizations and groups for workshops and presentations.


In keeping with our mission, the WRC is committed to social justice. We embrace and uphold diversity of culture, ethnicity, class, religion, race, age, size, gender, and sexuality; as well as unique physical, emotional, and intellectual challenges. We are committed to consciousness raising and the empowerment of women, and advocate both with and on the behalf of oppressed and marginalized groups. The WRC is determined to help facilitate a campus environment that fosters students' personal development, social awareness, and academic growth.

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Last modified on September 19, 2008.