WRC Herstory

The Women's Resource Centre was established in the fall of 1981. A group of feminists on campus comprised of both faculty and students decided that they needed a place for themselves to talk, compile resources and to relax. After four years of operation, the group decided to form an executive structure which would include a Director, Public Relations person, Fund Raiser/Treasurer and four members at large.

In 1984, the aim of the group was to reach as many women possible, and to serve as a resource centre that was accesible to all students - both male and female - in search of information concerning women's issues. Their resources were limited, but they took much pride in the ongoing expansion of resources.

A later record in 1987 makes reference to the collapse of the executive, and their decision to return to the former system of order, that of a student cooperative and a Volunteer Administrator. At that particular time, highlights of the centre included their Speakers Series (of which they wrote with great enthusiasm), as well as the celebration of International Women's Day.

The members of the WRC at that time had identified their long term goal as being the formation of a strong feminist community on campus, as well as the participation in more community activities. We, as present members of the Women's Resource Centre, strive to realize these goals daily.

The Women's Resource Centre website is maintained by the WRC Collective.

Last modified on September 19, 2008.