The Memorial University Club

Dear Associate Members and Members not paying by payroll deduction,

I have agreed to be responsible for the day-to-day running of the University Club while Michael Staveley is away in England this semester.

If the last time you paid your membership fee was in AD 2000, I'd be grateful if you would send me a cheque for the appropriate amount, which includes the inevitable HST.

Jim Orr (home phone 579-5505)


Address (for sending membership card):

Category of Membership (circle one)

Individual Membership $65 + $9.75 HST = $74.75/year ($2.88/pay period)

(open to full and part-time employees)

Family Membership $100 + $15 HST = $115/year ($4.43/pay period)

(open to families in which two persons are full- and /or part-time employees)

Name of other family member:
Phone: E-mail:

Associate Membership $25 + $3.75 HST = $28.75/year

(open to retired employees and their spouses, alumni, and friends of the University)

If you wish to begin paying by MUN payroll deduction, please complete the form below..

I hereby authorize the Department of Human Resources to deduct my membership fee of $ bi-weekly by payroll deduction.
Signature: Employee No.:

The completed form should be sent to The Membership Secretary, Memorial University Club, Box 195, Arts and Administration Building, Memorial University, St. John's, NF A1C 5S7, or handed in at the Club

Club Telephone (709) 737-8328.