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First Year Success

Enabling a Successful Start in University Studies

Memorial University is committed to ensuring an inclusive and engaging community that is accessible to all learners. Following a trend set by other universities, nationally and internationally, Memorial is offering a new pilot program housed in the Faculty of Arts, to help you succeed in your transition to university learning.

This program blends first-year courses with specialized, intensive strategy courses, supplemental instruction, learning communities and networks, and ongoing academic and career advising. It explicitly orients you to the expectations of university learning, the supports available to you and the skills required to meet with success. It strives to ensure that you become connected with your instructors and peers and prepared for post-secondary success.

Admission and Benefits

This program is designed to help you adapt to university learning. If you have a lower admission average and are unsure of your academic and career goals, you may benefit from this program.

If you are interested in this program, you should discuss program participation and its impact on your academic path with an adviser from the Academic Advising Centre.

The program will be available for students starting in the fall semester only and you will be expected to continue for both fall and winter semesters.

The following factor will be taken into consideration when selecting students:

  • Full-time, first-year students who will likely have a final admission average between 70 – 74.9 per cent

No separate application will be required as selection will be based on the above stated criteria.

Structure and Program Description

The program is a full-time, first-year experience, supporting students across both semesters.

All courses are for credit and are designed to furnish you with the skills required for future academic success. Each semester will offer a strategy course that explicitly teaches the skills required to be an effective university student.

This program will be supplemented by a university-wide support system dedicated to student success. This will include, but is not limited to, career advising, academic advising, smaller classes, teaching assistants, and strengthened math and writing help centers.


Sample first-year program for students:

Fall Semester Winter Semester
University 1010 University 2020
Arts 1500 English 1080
Psychology 1000 Psychology 1001
Advised Math or an Elective Advised Math or an Elective
Elective Elective


University 1010 orients the student to university life and introduces the opportunities the university offers and the supports available to students.

University 2020 is a more advanced credit course that teaches metacognitive learning skills.

Both of these courses (1010 and 2020) include a module on Information Literacy, offered by the Queen Elizabeth II Library.

Arts 1500 (Introduction to University Writing) teaches students the language and writing skills that will be required across academic disciplines. It focuses specifically on teaching transferrable skills.

Psychology 1000, 1001 and English 1080 are commonly completed first-year courses. Students enrolled in the First-Year Success program will have an additional class each week for these courses, which will provide supplemental instruction.

Advised Math or Elective - Based on the performance in the Math Placement Test, students will be advised of their first math course, should they wish to pursue a degree requiring Math. This may include Math 1050, 1051, 1090, 1000 or a Foundation Math course. Foundation math courses are not credit courses.

General Elective - Students may select a course based on their own career interests.

For additional information on this program, please check the website.

Further information on the research, which informed this project, can be found on the Teaching and Learning website: