Tuition & Related Fees

The cost of tuition for an undergraduate degree program at Memorial University for two semesters is $2,550.

Our provincial government continues to subsidize tuition, giving us one of the lowest tuition fees in the country. That means it is more affordable for local, national and international students to come to Memorial. Combine that with the fact that St. John's has one of the lowest cost of living rates of all the capital cities in Canada and you'll realize that you can afford to go east.

The costs for two semesters of undergraduate study on the St. John's campus for the 2016-2017 academic year are: 

30 credit-hours $2,550
Macpherson College, unlimited meal plan^ $10,087
Student Union $115
Health and Dental Plan (CDN Students)* $292
Recreation Fee $116
Books and Supplies ~ $1,500
TOTAL $14,660

(All fees are listed in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice.)

^ This fee will vary depending on the type of on-campus housing requested and the type of meal plan chosen. Visit on-campus housing for a list of current housing and meal plan fees.

* Canadian undergraduate students who have alternate health and dental coverage may opt out of the plan by completing the Waiver of Participation form on or at the MUN Students' Union office. Conditions and deadlines apply as noted in the university Calendar.


For a cost estimate at Grenfell Campus, consult the Grenfell Campus web site. For information on fees at the Marine Institute, consult Marine Institute's web site.