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How did THE Begin?

THE, the Heterosexism Enquirer began in 1999 as an action research project funded by the Maritime Centre for Excellence in Women's Health and sponsored by the School of Social Work, Memorial University of Newfoundland. We wanted to know lesbian's experiences with heterosexism in rural Newfoundland and provided a web conference for these experiences to be discussed. Through feedback, research, and discussions, we then developed tools to help individuals, as well as agencies, businesses, & institutions, to identify heterosexism in their policies, procedures, practices, & attitudes.

The information that forum participants provided were incorporated anonymously into monthly online newsletters which were also circulated to a variety of health & social service agencies. The content of these newsletters now appear as individual articles. We share project findings through our electronic magazine, and continue to challenge heterosexism wherever we find it.

Our Goal

The primary goal of the Heterosexism Enquirer was to challenge heterosexism in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador as it affected lesbians in their interactions with health & social security agencies. Although our initial sponsor specified that we focus on lesbians, others affected by heterosexism have been encouraged to participate (gays, bisexuals, transgendered).

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