Winter 2018
School of Pharmacy
Graduate Assistantship

Graduate Assistantship shall be a contractual agreement between the University and a full-time graduate student for a specified number of hours of teaching support and/or research support delivered over the course of the semester.

A standard graduate assistantship shall consist of 56 hours of work within a 14 week period in a semester. The University may assign graduate assistantships of fewer or greater than 56 hours per semester.

Graduate students interested in recruitment as a Graduate Assistant (TA) in Winter 2018 semester should submit a letter of intent and a short CV tothe Office of the Dean, Attn: Ms. Sharon Tucker ( , emphasising on their qualifications, as well as the course(s) they are interested in.

These positions are covered by a Collective Agreement between TAUMUN and Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The deadline for submission of the letter of intent is November 23, 2017

Pharmacy Skills, Pharmacy Practice, and Patient Care
Pharmacy 2251
Pharmacy 3301
Pharmacy 3651
Pharmacy 4651

2 TA Units (112 hours)

May be distributed to two individuals, (e.g., 1 + 1 unit or 1.5 units and .5 unit).

Exam and lab invigilation/ supervision, supervising students that are sequestered during exams/labs, helping with exam/lab set-up (i.e. ~30 minutes prior to start time), coordinating the flow of students during exams/labs (e.g. controlling timers and buzzers), helping with collecting exams/papers, exam/lab clean-up (eg. replacing products/books in the lab), and other duties as required.

The majority of exams and labs will take place during the Pharmacy Skills courses in the professional practice laboratory. The exam/lab support is usually required for ~6-7 hours a day, and may occur during any day of the school week. Assistance with Final Exams during exam week is also a requirement.

The successful applicant should be able to work independently, require minimal instruction and be reliable (i.e. showing up on time for all scheduled sessions). Previous experience or familiarization with Pharmacy Skills courses is an asset.

PharmacologyPharmacy 3009

1TA Unit @ 56 hours


Duties include assisting in the preparation of lecture notes and posting materials to D2L, as well as responding to questions from the students on D2L. The TA will also be responsible for invigilating and marking quizzes and exams. TA will also be able to lecture assigned topics.


Hours per week are variable as marking exams will require more time than other duties, however on average the duties will require 5-6 hours per week.


The successful applicant should be able to work independently, be reliable and require minimal instruction. A background in Pharmacology is essential and preference will be given to current graduate students studying Pharmacology or those who currently hold a graduate degree in Pharmacology or a similar discipline.

Anatomy & Physiology

Pharmacy 2003

40 Hours x 2 TA’s

Required 40 hours within a 14 week period. There are 2 2-hour labs per week plus 1 hour per week of lab prep. There are 8 weeks of labs during the semester. The labs occur on Tuesday and Fridays (2:00 – 4:00)
The successful applicant will carry out the following duties: provide laboratory guidance to students in anatomy and physiology, answer inquires on lab material and lab-related course material, proctor lecture exams and assist in composing, set-up and grading of the lab practicum.


The successful applicant should have a BSc in Biology, Biochemistry, Kinesiology or related discipline and have completed course work in anatomy and physiology.