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MUN-Safe App 

The office of Chief Risk Officer has launched an important new tool in support of emergency communications. MUN Safe is a mobile phone app now available for Apple and Android devices.

The app allows users to receive instant notifications, alerts and instructions from Campus Enforcement and Patrol when on-campus emergencies occur. It is the best way to stay informed of breaking campus emergency news. It is also a resource with tools and information that support safety and emergency preparedness.

For example, The Friend Walk option allows users to choose a contact in their phone to virtually walk them from one location to another. Users send a friend a family member a walk request; that person can then track their movements in real time. If anything goes wrong during the walk, their contact will have the exact location and the user has the ability to immediately make a call emergency responders.

The Support Resources section gives users access to on-campus support services, including the Counselling Center, while the Report feature allows users to report non-emergency safety or security concerns such as safety hazards, behavioural concerns and more. The university's emergency plans are hard-coded into the app, meaning that even when offline, you will be refer to emergency procedures for fire and evacuation, an active intruder situation, a bomb threat or other emergency situations. Everyone is encouraged to review these plans on a regular basis to ensure familiarity in an event of emergency.

MUN Safe is an official university communication channel and, together with in-building audio alerts, will be the first source of communication during an emergency.

To download the app, please visit When setting up the app, please ensure that push notifications are enabled. This is necessary to receive alerts directly on phone in the event of an emergency. As part of the ongoing testing of the new MUN Safe system, test notifications will be sent to subscribers on a regular basis. Do not be alarmed: this is an opportunity for subscribers to ensure they are receiving notifications and all test notifications will be clearly marked as such.

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