As Memorial’s population grows and new buildings are constructed, parking on campus has become more of a challenge. Now is a good time to rethink your mode of transportation. Below are some options and information to help you decide which mode may work for you.

Memorial University Shuttle Service

Memorial University offers accessible shuttle service for its students, faculty and staff between several of its locations. The shuttle service currently stops at the St. John’s Campus, the Marine Institute, the Ocean Sciences Centre and the Battery Facility. Users are responsible to familiarize yourself with the daily schedule and the Terms of Use which include the list of holidays when service is not available. The Terms of Use and schedule are subject to change.

Any user may sign up for shuttle email notifications by emailing Users should check their email prior to use.


Public Transportation

Taking a bus to work requires much less energy than a vehicle with one driver going the same distance. There are 11 bus routes that stop at Memorial (routes 1, 2, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 24, 26). Locations of bus stops on or near the St. John’s campus include in front of the University Centre, near the Health Sciences Centre, on Elizabeth Avenue and on Allandale Road. For a complete list of routes, visit

All buses now have bike racks, available from May to October, to transport your bike. Go to for more information. Some routes also offer accessible service. Get your Metrobus pass at The Attic on the third floor of the University Centre.



Memorial wants to encourage cycling as a way to get to and move around campus. Twenty new bike racks were recently installed bringing the total to 54 bike racks on campus, with many in sheltered areas. For a complete list of bike rack locations, visit

Five bike lockers, located between the Science and Chemistry buildings are available to rent by the semester. For more information, visit

See Public Transportation above to learn about bike racks available on public transportation.

If you don’t have a bike, you can rent one from BikeShare (



The use of carpools on campus is encouraged. Two or more users may apply for a single permit at the appropriate fee for use in a carpool. For more information, see Carpooling section of the Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP) website or contact: CEP Office, FM1018, e-mail or phone 864-2736.



Rideshare is a carpool matching service designed to assist members of the Memorial University community to share transportation. To use the service, log into and click on Rideshare on the General page.



WalkSafe is a student-run program that offers students, faculty, staff, and guests of the university accompaniment when walking around campus after dark.



SafeDrive is a free service offered for students by MUNSU, providing rides home from campus during the Fall and Winter semesters.


Corte Real Grocery Shuttle

The MUNSU Grocery Shuttle transports students from Corte Real (Burton's Pond) to Sobey's on Kelsey Drive continuously from 6 to 9 pm on Tuesdays. For more information, contact MUNSU.



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