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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I be considered for succession planning?

All employees interested in being considered for succession planning opportunities must be nominated. Nomination forms can be submitted by an employee's manager or director. Employees can also nominate themselves. Nominations are reviewed annually by the succession planning committee. Nominees are selected based on identified organizational needs. Employees selected as part of succession planning will meet with representatives of the succession planning committee to discuss and confirm the details of their participation.

What types of positions are being considered for succession planning?

Memorial University will conduct an annual review of key and critical staff positions. The succession planning committee will prioritize these positions and select potential successors from submitted nominations. It is anticipated that positions will come from all areas of Memorial University including Administrative, Technical, and Leadership.

How will succession planning affect the hiring process at Memorial?

Succession planning will not change the hiring process at Memorial. Candidates who are part of the succession plan will still be required to apply and compete for positions.

What is the role of the Succession Planning Management Committees?

The role of the succession planning committee is to oversee and monitor the succession planning process. The role of the succession planning committee is outlined in the terms of reference.

Who are the members of the Succession Planning Management Committees?

Members of the committee can be found here.

What employee development opportunities are available for employees involved in the succession plan?

Each employee involved in succession planning will complete a learning plan that will be based on their individual needs and the anticipated needs of Memorial University. Development opportunities may include:

  • Training
  • Courses
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Stretch Assignments
  • Secondments
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Performance Feedback

How can I take an active role in planning my career at Memorial University?

There are many ways to take an active role in your career planning. Consider the following:

  • Self Assessment:
    • What is your current level of satisfaction with your present position?
    • What are your long term career goals?
    • What do you enjoy about work?
    • What personal values do you need to have reflected in your work?
    • Check out the self assessment tool at
  • Complete a Professional Development Plan
  • Talk to your Human Resources Advisor about opportunities at Memorial University
  • Meet with colleagues who are working in positions that interest you
  • Initiate a career conversation with your supervisor
  • Read career development materials available at the library and local bookstores
  • Search career planning sites