A Co-Curricular Record (CCR) for Memorial University is an online official document verifying and validating students out of class learning and involvement on campus. The CCR was developed to support and recognize students’ engagement in qualifying campus activities and can be used with students’ transcripts and resumes. Students can add on-campus employment, volunteer activities and scholarships to their CCRs. Before being finalized on your CCR, positions must first be approved and verified by a program director. Students can print out their CCR at any time, although only approved activities will be included. As well, students can specifically tailor their record for a particular job or school to which they are applying.


The criteria for activities that are eligible for CCR listing and recognition:

  • Activity provides you with meaningful pre-identified learning outcomes
  • Activity is co-curricular in nature and is not required for academic credit nor recognized on the academic transcript
  • Activity meets validation process requirements as determined by the CCR Administrator


Benefits of having a CCR:

  • Authenticated activity log of what was completed as a Memorial student.
  • Keeps record of all volunteer/employment positions.
  • Lists received scholarships.
  • Students are able to update as volunteer/employment positions are completed.
  • Provides a description of volunteer/employment positions for future reference.
  • Allows student to reflect on what they gained from the various volunteer/employment positions.
  • Lists the learned skills of volunteer/employment positions.
  • Useful when applying for employment and/or graduate studies.
  • Easy to create and update.

Every student is given a Co-Curricular Record. It is found on your my.mun account.

1. Log into my.mun.ca

2. Click on the Student tab.

3. Under Student Services, click My MUNLife tab

4. Under Dashboard click on Co-Curricular Record

5. Click on Co-Curriculum Record on the right- hand side of page

6. On this page, you can Search Opportunity Directory, Add a position to My Record, or view My Shortlist.

7. To add a position, click on the Add a position tab.

8. Once in this window either search the name of the position in the search bar, or narrow your search by using the boxes on the bottom of the screen; start by clicking on the year in which the position began


Before being finalized on your CCR, positions must first be approved and verified by a program director.
If your activity has not been verified within two weeks please contact the CCR Administrator at ccradmin@mun.ca




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