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How do I know if a LLC is right for me?
Who can apply to be a part of an LLC?
Is there anything I have to do to prepare for the LLC ahead of time?
If I register to be a part of this LLC, how long is that commitment for?
Do I qualify for a single room?
Do I get to choose my roommate?
If I apply with a friend who isn't part of the LLC can we be roommates?
Are there extra fees associated with becoming a member of the LLC?
What happens if I don't like the LLC? Do I have to stay?
When or how will I know if I've been accepted?
Will this mean more work for me?
What is a major?
How do I declare a major?
What is UCC2020?
What if I don't like the required courses, can I still participate?
Can I join other student groups/clubs/societies on campus?
Am I eligible to participate in other residence events?
If I want to find out more about an LLC, who can I contact?