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University Centre, Room 3018,
"The Landing" [map]

(709) 864- 8976
Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m

“The Landing” is located at UC-3018, 3rd floor of the Smallwood University Center . Its primary use is for students and student based activities. This room has a fully equipped multi-media room perfect for conferences and meetings as well as wireless internet access for laptop computers.

Amenities include; wireless internet, full audio video capabilities with wireless microphones (both hand held and clip-on), a digital projector and mounted screen, a stage, 120 stackable chairs, 10 swivel chairs and designer couched with 6 coffee tables, tables, 2 alcove spaces outside of the room, and much more. The room is fully air conditioned, and has ceiling wired speakers throughout the space. There is a retractable wall which can be lowered to divide the space you may need. Two of the four Landing walls are windows with an incredible view .

The space is very versatile and has been used for a variety of events including presentations, receptions, launches, parties, and whatever Memorials students incredible can envision.



Review the calendar to see if The Landing is available:

Upcoming events


  • See bulletin board outside of The Landing UC-3018 for upcoming events