Off-Campus Housing


320 Hatcher House

Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(709) 864-4796


We are looking forward to meeting and assisting you in your transition to Memorial University. We can provide help in finding rental accommodations, signing lease agreements, understanding the Residential Tenants Agreement, and finding roommates. Perhaps most importantly, we also provide affordable programming events to students of Memorial to help create a lasting network of friends while introducing you to your new community.



The Off-Campus Housing Office (OCH) at Memorial University serves students who commute to school, including students in rental properties, or living at home. Drop into OCH today to search through our rental listings, gather information about the City of St. John's or chat with the Off-Campus Housing Coordinators.


OCH Student Services:

Rental Support
A Listing of Rental Properties
Student Ads seeking accommodations, subletters and/or roommates
Referrals to City of St. John's
Campus Referrals
Geographic Search Engine


OCH Landlord Services:

Conducting Site Visits of rental properties
Website Assistance
Rental support


This web page is for use by Memorial University and College of the North Atlantic students only. The provision of listings and their content is at the sole discretion of the University, which may, without notice or reason, deny, remove or limit any listing or any information contained therein. In addition, the University may, without notice, post warnings to students concerning complaints about any property listed on this website.




†(Please note - These listings are provided for information only, they are not endorsed in any way by Memorial University or Housing, Food and Conference Services. The University does not take any responsibility for these accommodations.)

†(Please note - Our visits do not constitute inspections of the rental properties. Memorial University makes no representations, guarantees, or promises with respect to the quality or safety of the rental properties. Memorial University's completion of the The Off-Campus Housing Amenity Checklist does not make any representations, guarantees, or promises with respect with respect to any matter not included in the Off-Campus Housing Amenity Checklist.)

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