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SPAM is a centre that is specifically geared toward student parents. We offer resources, services and support, as you pursue your post -secondary education. Spam offers it's members a number of services that include reduced photocopying, printing and fax prices. We also provide computers for working on resumes and/or papers. Further services include informal peer support from members who share the same challenges. In addition to this, we offer an emergency contact number to provide to your childcare provider. If they need to contact you, they can call our office, and a member will locate you via the schedule of your classes you leave in the office.

In addition to these services, we also hold children's and adult social events, such as summer swimming parties, winter sliding days, and Easter/Christmas/Haloween parties. Christmas food hampers are also provided to members.

We provide a warm, friendly atmosphere in which to relax, spend quiet time, laugh, read, or just chat with a friend. If you are a student parent, why not drop by and check us out. We are located in the University Centre in room 6012.

Some of the resources offered at SPAM are:

Some of the services offered at SPAM are: Some of the support services offered at SPAM are: