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This is our ultimate hangout and reprieve...that is, apart from the Breezeway, or library. We usually come here to have lunch, or chat between classes. But then again, there are always a few of us who hang around from time to time just to meet both old and new friends.

UC 6013 The Smallwood Centre 737-2158

This little room of ours is equipped with a WINDOW (fresh air, yeah!!!), a phone, radio, microwave and a small fridge. There is always coffee and tea (or sometimes hot chocolate...hmmmmm....chocolate) available to all at $0.00 (all right!). For those of you who are parents, or have other reasons to necessitate contact, you may find it convenient to leave our phone number as an emergency contact number while you're on campus. There are note pads for taking messages, and bulletin boards to pin them up. And in the case of real emergency, members will try their best to locate you. This is done fairly easily as members leave a copy of their timetable on one of the bulletins in the Centre.

This office is open during the day, usually from 7 AM until 11 PM for members who have the lock code. Hours are posted on the door for anyone wishing to drop by. The combination of the lock will be given to registered members after one semester. No gimmicks, no tricks. This office is a great place for socializing in the day time, and studying in the evenings. And just think, you will always have access to a phone, while fresh beverages is only an arm's length away!

Above all, the greatest thing this place has to offer is its people. Chances are, there is someone there who has been through the same obstacles in life, or feel the same way you do. May it be joy or sorrow, we can share them with you. So, come on in !

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