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Students Older Than Average is for all mature students, no matter what the age. While the average age of an undergraduate student at Memorial University of Newfoundland is 21, our members range from twenty-something to fifty-something, and are married, single, or other.

SOTA was founded in 1983 to provide mature students at MUN with a place of support. Designated as a resource centre by MUNSU, SOTA offers a comfortable environment for mature students of similar age and life experience. Most members have been out of school for several years, have had careers, and many have children. Providing a sense of community, SOTA helps mature students reach their greatest potential at Memorial University. Many of our members voluntarily offer assistance to each other, and their younger classmates.

SOTA makes an excellent contribution to the university community. Acting not only as a resource centre for isolated mature students on campus, SOTA is also an important resource for the rest of the student body. SOTA members come from a wide variety of social, economic, and employment backgrounds, and most have made sacrifices to attend university.

As an informal counselling centre, SOTA has provided a place for mature students to find support from the stress of university. Many mature students often have questions about university life, ranging from location of campus services to advice on courses and professors.

As a practical resource centre, SOTA has a growing collection of books and magazines, lunchroom facilities, as well as computer access and a phone and message service. Furthermore, and most importantly, SOTA has an emergency contact system. Just leave your class schedule with us, and if an emergency arises, then we know where and how to contact you.

If you are interested feel free to give us a call or email, better yet drop in the center. SOTA always welcomes new members.

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