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St. John's Campus Map - Zone 4
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1 Printing Services (PS)
Printing Plant
2 Alumni House (LL)
3 Health Sciences Centre (H)
Faculty of Medicine
School of Nursing
School of Pharmacy
4 Aquarena
5 1 Westerland Road
6 Education (E)
Continuing Studies
Educational Technology
Faculty of Education
Folklore and Language Archive
7 Utilities Annex
8 Physical Education & Athletics (PE)
School of Physical Education and Athletics
9 Queen Elizabeth II Library (L)
Centre for Newfoundland Studies
CNS Archives
10 NRC - Institute for Marine Dynamics
11    University Centre (UC)
Banking Machine
Breezeway Bar
Campus Ministries
Centre for Student Life
Counselling Centre
Employment Services Centre
Food Court
General Student Services
Glenn Roy Blundon Centre
Government Student Aid
Hair Salon
Information/Copy Centre
Insurance Agency
MUN Studentsí Union
Post Office/Second-Hand Bookstore
Scholarships Office
Student Affairs and Services
Student Development
Student Health Centre
Travel Agency
Womenís Resource Centre
12 Memorial Tower
13 Thomson Centre (T)
14    Arts and Administration (A)
Banking Machine
Comptroller/Cashierís Office
13 Economics
Faculty of Arts
ISER Books
Presidentís Office
Printing Services
Recruitment Office
Registrarís Office
Religious Studies
Robert G. Reid III Theatre
University Relations
Vice-Presidentsí Offices
15 Psychology Annex (PA)
Tech Services - Computer Branch
16 Computing Services (CS)
Computer Purchasing Centre
17 Biotechnology (BT)
Small Animal Care
18    Engineering & Applied Sciences(EN)
Computer Science
Co-operative Education
Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science
Ocean Engineering Research Centre
Computer Purchasing Centre
19 Earth Sciences (ER)
Centre for Earth Resources Research (CERR)
Earth Sciences
School of Graduate Studies
20 Chemistry-Physics (C)
Faculty of Science
Physics and Physical Oceanography
Technical Services
21 Science (SN)
Academic Advising Centre
French and Spanish
German and Russian
Political Science
Womenís Studies
Writing Centre
22 Mathematics (HH)
Computing and Communications
Maritime History Archive
Maritime Studies Research Unit
Mathematics and Statistics
23    Facilities Management Storage
24 Music (MU)
Donald F. Cook Recital Hall
School of Music
25 Facilities Management (FM)
Campus Enforcement and Patrol
Continuing Studies (PPD)
Facilities Management
Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER)
School of Continuing Education
University Relations (Photography)
26 Centrifuge Centre (CF)
27 C-CORE (K)
28 Business Administration (B)
Centre for Management Development
Faculty of Business Administration
P.J. Gardiner Institute
29 St. Johnís College
School of Social Work
30    Paton College Residences:
A - Rothermere F - Squires
B - Barnes G - Curtis
C - R. Gushue Hall H - Hatcher
D - Bowater I - Blackall
E - Burke J - Doyle
International Student Advisor
Student Housing Office
31 Coughlan House
Student Employment Centre
32 Spencer Hall
Office of Research
Seabright Corporation
33 Feild Hall
Bitters Pub
Graduate Studentsí Union
34 Queenís College (QC)
Archaeology Unit
Centre for Material Culture Studies
35 St. Johnís Arts and Culture Centre
Art Gallery of Newfoundland & Labrador
36 Child Care Centre (CC)
37 Math Learning Centre)
38 Ocean Sciences Centre Office
39 202 Elizabeth Avenue
Coasts Under Stress
Heritage Web Project
40 Burtonís Pond Apartments:
A Baltimore D Cartier
B Corte Real E Gilbert
C Cabot F Guy
41    St. Augustineís Anglican Church

Map by MUNCL, April 2000.

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