A scientist takes lessons from science…

In the past few weeks I’ve had to revisit some of my papers in progress. I feel like I’m running in place: every time I go to move forward, I uncover a new issue that sets me back. I write the same tasks on my to-do list time after time. As I am immersed in … [Read more…]

Enjoying the graduate studies journey!

Hello, my dearest readers! Finally, summer! 🌞 Even though our lives as graduate students do not stop, I hope you are enjoying the warm days, and eating a lot of ice cream (it’s good for our brain!) I got sunburned last week and I don’t remember being so happy in complaining about something. In the … [Read more…]

Submitting my research proposal – at least…the first draft

I’m doing my Master’s in Sociology, so my experience with my research proposal may differ from other faculties and programs, but I’ve learned a lot from the process. I cannot emphasize enough that the research proposal is a process. It is not linear in that you write it, hand it in, and get approval. No. … [Read more…]

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Hello all you wonderful readers! I’m sad to say that this will be my very last blog post for the graduate student blog. These last two years have been such a roller coaster, and I’ve loved being able to share it with all of you. Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed reading about my experiences as much … [Read more…]