Funding your 2020 grad studies

I am enjoying my first Newfoundland winter with the snow up to my neck! Happy New Year and new semester everybody! As someone who is from Southern Ontario, I thought I had seen a lot of snow in my life but it turns out I was wrong! With all this snow, my mind drifts more … [Read more…]

Happy Holidays

SGS and our graduate student bloggers would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! We will resume in the new year. ~The School of Graduate Studies

Toasted Phoenix: To burnout and back

Graduate school and research is hard; enough difficulty and failure can squelch even the brightest people. I am one of the many I know that have experienced burnout in grad school but it goes beyond academia, it is an experience that is emblematic of our generation. The winter break is a good time to recover … [Read more…]

How to Write Assignments: Advice from a TA

Welcome to the end of term! I just finished marking a bucket-full of take-home exams with a short turnaround. It is stressful on your professors and marking TAs to churn grades out quickly – so I thought I’d offer some advice on how to make it easier on your marker. As a bonus, making it … [Read more…]

“Reading is writing”

(Warning: This is just a cute picture of my dog with his friend and has absolutely nothing to do with my blog post this week.) With the phrase “reading is writing” Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega started his workshop, and there is no better way for me to start my blog post this week. Dr. Pacheco-Vega is … [Read more…]

Winter is coming!

Autumn, to me, is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. While everyone loves to go out, take pictures of the landscape with trees that look like multi-colored works of art, it reminds me of the old grey shovel in my backyard. It’s mostly that transition phase when the trees undress as the leaves start to … [Read more…]

Thoughts of a graduate student in behavioural ecology (Part I)

(A male Ruby-crowned Kinglet.) The cognitive and behavioural ecology (CABE) program is a good fit for those who are intrigued by how animals interact with their environments. I was introduced to animal behaviour during my undergraduate studies at Memorial by Dr. David Wilson (the current chair of the CABE program). I had the privilege of … [Read more…]

Master plan?

(Open excavation at  Anse à Bertrand, Saint-Pierre (2019)) Entering the second year of my master’s, I paused to think about the choices that led me here. Coming from Ottawa, I chose to move to Newfoundland to pursue an undergrad in marine biology, at Memorial. That decision was apparently a surprise to most who knew me, … [Read more…]

Let’s all be naturalists!

I’m at a conference. It’s 10:30 am, after the morning session, and people are spilling out of sessions all around me, most stopping to look for the nearest coffee station. I meet up with a group of my lab mates. I’m primed and energized from the great talks I just experienced, and I’m preparing myself … [Read more…]