Thoughts of a graduate student (Part II)

The campus still stands after Snowmageddon 2020. For the readers who have not heard about this epic snowstorm, follow this link: ( Fear not, prospective students, the weather isn’t all that bad in Newfoundland. Coming from a warm country to Newfoundland was a big transition for me. However, I remind myself of the Swedish proverb … [Read more…]

Academic Burnout…

As a nice follow up to my previous piece on the magic of saying yes, let’s talk about the ability to say no, especially in an academic setting. I’ve had this conversation with plenty of my colleagues, as I’m sure many others have had as well. It follows along the lines of comparing how tired … [Read more…]

We are all storytellers

Last year Conservation Scientist Aerin Jacob with the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative visited Memorial to give a talk to the Geography Department. While she was here, she offered a storytelling workshop to graduate students. Being a busy student, I nearly decided against attending, but only five minutes into the workshop I knew I had … [Read more…]

Funding your 2020 grad studies

I am enjoying my first Newfoundland winter with the snow up to my neck! Happy New Year and new semester everybody! As someone who is from Southern Ontario, I thought I had seen a lot of snow in my life but it turns out I was wrong! With all this snow, my mind drifts more … [Read more…]

Happy Holidays

SGS and our graduate student bloggers would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! We will resume in the new year. ~The School of Graduate Studies

Toasted Phoenix: To burnout and back

Graduate school and research is hard; enough difficulty and failure can squelch even the brightest people. I am one of the many I know that have experienced burnout in grad school but it goes beyond academia, it is an experience that is emblematic of our generation. The winter break is a good time to recover … [Read more…]

How to Write Assignments: Advice from a TA

Welcome to the end of term! I just finished marking a bucket-full of take-home exams with a short turnaround. It is stressful on your professors and marking TAs to churn grades out quickly – so I thought I’d offer some advice on how to make it easier on your marker. As a bonus, making it … [Read more…]

“Reading is writing”

(Warning: This is just a cute picture of my dog with his friend and has absolutely nothing to do with my blog post this week.) With the phrase “reading is writing” Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega started his workshop, and there is no better way for me to start my blog post this week. Dr. Pacheco-Vega is … [Read more…]

Winter is coming!

Autumn, to me, is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. While everyone loves to go out, take pictures of the landscape with trees that look like multi-colored works of art, it reminds me of the old grey shovel in my backyard. It’s mostly that transition phase when the trees undress as the leaves start to … [Read more…]