My Field Work Diary: Is it growing season yet?

Well folks, it’s that time of year again, when courses are complete, the campus is void of undergraduates, and the focus has shifted to field work. While elsewhere across the nation the leaves are out and the weather is ever becoming more summer-like, here in Newfoundland we haven’t quite made it there. And as a … [Read more…]

That moment when everything begins to fall into place…

Hi All! As I sit here trying to decide what to write my latest blog post about, my mind instinctually thinks back to the first round of thesis-oriented fieldwork I completed in May, just a few short weeks ago. As I have mentioned before, the fieldwork required for my Master’s research is to be comprised … [Read more…]

Conferencing as a Graduate Student…

I recently attended the Canadian Society of Ecology Evolution (CSEE) conference in Victoria, BC, and as I’ve been reflecting on my experiences at this conference (and others) I thought about sharing them in a blog post. To start: conferences are hard! Not only do we present our research as oral or poster presentations to experts … [Read more…]

Public access to the exclusive academia club!

Hello all! Hope you are as excited as me to be moving closer and closer to the summer. After visiting warm and uncharacteristically sunny Vancouver in early April and being welcomed back to St. John’s by a wonderful winter storm that left me stranded in Toronto for two days… summer can’t come soon enough. The … [Read more…]

(Do even more) Reading and Writing in Graduate School!

Hey everyone! Spring has officially arrived, marking the end of the Winter semester! Although on some days, the actual weather still has remnants of the Winter season, but that is not all too surprising in St. John’s. Regardless of the weather, however, the start of Spring – or, rather I should probably say the start … [Read more…]


Well, the Winter semester has ended and the Spring semester has just begun.  This picture is of my cat who is my constant writing companion. He curls up next to me anytime I sit at my desk to begin writing. He and I have settled into a nice routine, he naps while I write. It … [Read more…]

Learning how to engage with the public…

Hey everyone! It may not have been that long since my last blog post but a lot has definitely happened. For me, the last few weeks were actually pretty stressful (…and by pretty stressful, I mean VERY stressful). This was largely because of my thesis proposal, which I submitted to the Archaeology department on February … [Read more…]

March Mammal Madness…

For this blog entry I wanted to discuss an interesting ‘Science-Twitter’ phenomenon called March Mammal Madness. While this is the fifth annual event, this is the first year I’ve participated and I couldn’t be happier to share this event with other wildlife enthusiasts! March Mammal Madness (MMM) is curated by some clever folks at Arizona … [Read more…]

The March Issue. An Internal Monologue.

Natasha’s eyes flutter awake. Turning over to look at her phone, she sees 7:30 a.m., March 1. The first day of March. Her brain, which has been awake for some time, jolted to attention and immediately sprang to action, seeing an opportunity to torment her host. The Brain (in a condescending voice): Did you think … [Read more…]