Learning how to engage with the public…

Hey everyone! It may not have been that long since my last blog post but a lot has definitely happened. For me, the last few weeks were actually pretty stressful (…and by pretty stressful, I mean VERY stressful). This was largely because of my thesis proposal, which I submitted to the Archaeology department on February … [Read more…]

March Mammal Madness…

For this blog entry I wanted to discuss an interesting ‘Science-Twitter’ phenomenon called March Mammal Madness. While this is the fifth annual event, this is the first year I’ve participated and I couldn’t be happier to share this event with other wildlife enthusiasts! March Mammal Madness (MMM) is curated by some clever folks at Arizona … [Read more…]

The March Issue. An Internal Monologue.

Natasha’s eyes flutter awake. Turning over to look at her phone, she sees 7:30 a.m., March 1. The first day of March. Her brain, which has been awake for some time, jolted to attention and immediately sprang to action, seeing an opportunity to torment her host. The Brain (in a condescending voice): Did you think … [Read more…]

More than just a degree

Hello! I hope that everyone took the time to either relax or catch up on their studies/readings during the break. I write the latter part of that sentence with a bit of a smirk because that sentiment is often filled with good intentions at the start of the break for many students (“I will get … [Read more…]

Lessons learned…

It feels like a lifetime since my last blog post!  In re-reading that post, I remember feeling overwhelmed by how much of an adjustment it was to get into student mode.  Now, here I am.  I feel settled in my program and settled in as a student.  I have found my routine and am really … [Read more…]

Reflecting on my first semester

After taking full advantage of winter break, spending a few weeks where my sole focus was to spend as much time on the mountain, it’s taken me quite some time to get settled back into graduate student life… a.k.a. sitting at a desk reading (take a look at Quinn Webber’s post “What’s in an idea?” for … [Read more…]

Planning for summer in the middle of winter…

Hello again everyone! I must say I feel like a lot has happened since last you’ve heard from me! In my first blog post I introduced myself, reflected a bit on my decision to go back to school, and discussed some of the reasons I was attracted to the Archaeology program here at Memorial. Since … [Read more…]

What’s in an idea?

I have spent much of my time since my last blog post formalizing my PhD proposal – complete with ideas and plans for thesis chapters. For me, this will likely be five core chapters: a conceptual review which integrates ideas that underlie the rest of my thesis, followed by four chapters of empirical data. Some … [Read more…]

Taking care of yourself during grad school

Hello again, readers! It feels like a lifetime ago that I wrote my last blog post in October, and I am now a couple of weeks into the second semester of my MA program in Sociology. Over the winter break, I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen in months, organized my home, and attempted … [Read more…]


If you are like me, you will be or have been asked by a Newfoundlander if you “come from away”. This means that from your accent, they can tell you are not from Newfoundland. As a come-from-away, it is important to establish some roots, make lasting relationships, find your favourite study spot, etc., so as … [Read more…]