Stressed? Try Taking a Staycation

It has been a rough year: 2020 seems as though it will never come to an end. Luckily for us, escape is but a quick car ride away in Newfoundland. Whether you want to or not, everyone grows to love “The Rock” (a.k.a. Newfounland) over time. Perhaps it is the inescapable beauty of living in … [Read more…]

Adapting to the world of virtual conferences

When the first conference I was registered to participate in this year decided to go “virtual”, my head started spinning. “GOING VIRTUAL? You just sit all day and keep watching videos? What about the networking? Is it going to exist? If so, will people WANT to network and engage in this different format?” I have … [Read more…]

Thinking differently: My Spring of Opportunity

Honestly, I was anxious when I first discovered that the library would remain closed for the year with limited access to computer labs. However, to my surprise, a Spring as unique as this has brought about a cocktail of emotions. The transition from failing miserably to making each day count has been one of a … [Read more…]

Realizations during the Pandemic.

Cheers! We are now at Level 2, that just means a step away to our old-gold COVID free world! I often ponder how much this Pandemic has affected us, how much it has taught us and how much there is that we have known of ourselves and of our lives whilst continuing to battle a … [Read more…]

Research in a time of Change?

Normally, this time of year, my team and I would be working hard to finish the analysis artifacts unearthed last summer. Our conversations would alternate between what still needs to be packed and what we are most looking forward to on the field this year. In a month’s time we would be methodically unearthing centuries … [Read more…]

Positivity in research through the pandemic

Fieldwork Pre–pandemic For me, the pandemic seemed to come on very quickly and unexpectedly. One week I was making plans for summer field work, and the next I was left working at home. I was in high school during the SARS pandemic, and H1N1 hit Canada while I was in undergrad, but those felt like … [Read more…]

This sure is one for the history books

Some of the pairs of socks that I’ve knit since being home This sure is one for the history books. I’m writing to you from back home in Ontario. I didn’t have to travel very far, but I sure feel far away from the life I was building in Newfoundland. I was lucky to get … [Read more…]

Use this time

Hi all. Thank you for planning to take time to read my thoughts. Instead of sharing the post that I had prepared I have a request for how you use this time. Listen to black voices, support their resistance, and reflect on your privilege. Seek out resources and organizations created by people of colour, especially … [Read more…]

The new normal

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well in middle of all of this. It’s crazy how things changed so abruptly! This blog post is coming from Brazil, as I’m making my way home for the semester. The truth is, this has not been easy. No matter how much support we have and how … [Read more…]