Do you enjoy filling out surveys? ….
July 22nd, 2010


Do you enjoy filling out surveys?

a)      Hate them.
b)      Depends if I get frequent flyer points or a free magazine subscription.
c)       Love them.

Do you think a mandatory long census form is good for Canada?

a)      I don’t believe in income tax forms, air bags, or second-hand smoke.
b)      Depends if I get frequent flyer points or a free magazine subscription.
c)       Absolutely.

Do you think it is important for social-economic policy to be determined by facts and hard evidence?

a)      I prefer factoids and truthiness.
b)      I believe you can develop social policy by reading a Ouija board.
c)       I worry when social policy isn’t informed by evidence and hard data.

Do you think Canadians understand that the long census form is good for sound research?

a)      Does the question include Alberta?
b)      74% of all statistical information is meaningless.
c)       I hope so.

Do you think the resignation of Munir Sheikh, the head of Canada’s national statistical agency, was a necessary protest?

a)      Not if his salary was really good.
b)      Is he related to Joseph Cabbibo?
c)       It was the only thing he could do.

How many bathrooms are in your current place of dwelling?

a)      None of your business.
b)      I don’t use one.
c)       One full bath and a powder room.

Do you agree with the Opposition that canceling the mandatory long census form is a dumbing down of government?

a)      Is that bad, though?
b)      Sarah Palin refudiated the long form.
c)       Yes.

Do you think Minister Tony Clement who announced the cancellation of the form is telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

a)      He’s a politician, right?
b)      We should ask Dr. Carl Lightman to read his body language.
c)       No way.

Do you believe Maxime Bernier who said his office had received thousands of emails from people who were opposed to filling out the mandatory form?

a)      Was this a Facebook thing?
b)      Isn’t he the guy who left top secret documents in his girlfriend’s cleavage?
c)       You’re kidding, right?

Do you think it’s possible to maintain privacy anymore in the 21st century?

a)      Is this a Facebook thing?
b)      I have nothing to hide.
c)       This isn’t the Soviet Union. We should be able to trust Stats Canada.

Do you think the cancellation of the mandatory long form will harm social science research?

a)      Does anyone care?
b)      Should anyone care?
c)       Yes, it will have devastating effects especially on the research that shapes sound social economic policy in this country.

Do you think this whole thing is the federal government’s way of feeding the red-meat base?

a)      Does that include provinces other than Alberta?
b)      Ask Danny Willams.
c)       Seems obvious to me.

Has Prime Minister Harper ever said oooops, I’m sorry?

a)      Does stealing freedom fries from his kids count?
b)      I think when he lost a bet on the Maple Leafs.
c)       Not to my knowledge.

Do you think this whole thing will blow away like summer pollen?

a)      What thing?
b)      I’m sure the Prime Minister hopes so.
c)       I desperately hope not.

Dr. Faye Murrin is Dean pro tempore of the School of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor in the Department of Biology. She completed her B.Sc. (Hons.) at Memorial University, her M.Sc. at Acadia University, and her Ph.D. at Queen's University. Her research interests have always been focused on fungi, in particular the cell biology of insect pathogenic fungi and, more recently, the ecology of mycorrhizal mushrooms in the boreal forest. Dr. Murrin has served in a number of positions on the Council of the Mycological Society of America and was awarded the title of MSA Fellow for her contributions. She was awarded the Women in Science and Engineering Lifetime Membership Award as founding co-director of the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Summer Program. Dr. Murrin participates in public lectures and workshops, and is a Director on the board of Newfoundland Foray, Inc.

2 Responses to “Do you enjoy filling out surveys? ….”

  1. air jordans says:

    interesting !~

  2. Ken O'Brien says:

    Great article. It points to the ridiculous reasons the federal government has given for getting rid of the long census form. Who needs data when you can just make things up as you go?

    As for Maxime Bernier, disgraced former cabinet minister, being the point man for butchering the census: that says it all. And, by the way, all those thousands of e-mails he received? He deleted them, so there’s no record.

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