Everyone I run into, whether at meetings or at the coffee shop, is waiting to exhale…
November 27th, 2009


Not much time to blog this week, I’m afraid. Too much to do, too little time to do it all. Everyone I run into, whether at meetings or at the coffee shop, is waiting to exhale. A few obnoxiously keen neighbors have already laced their trees with Christmas lights, the stores are blocked with red and tinsel inventory, and even though the weather in late fall is double-digit mild, there’s a whiff of urgency in the air. When I start waking up to the strains of the Little Drummer Boy I start to get Holiday Anxiety. The feeling isn’t helped by the ubiquitous hand cleansers stationed by every reception desk on campus. I certainly don’t want to get the HINI or any of its insidious cousins, and definitely not at this harried time of year, and so along with everyone else I lined up yesterday for my vaccination. Memorial’s makeshift clinic is impressively efficient and the whole exercise took about 25 minutes from registration to shot in the arm. I was proud of us all. So what if my arm is a bit sore today?

Relieved somewhat to have that ordeal over with and feeling even smugly, probably foolishly, flu- immune, I am now channeling my anxiety towards my new computer. Changing hard drives is always fraught with nervousness. How do I find my old files? Have I lost anything in the transfer? Why does my screen look so different? Of course, the PC is now working faster than a speeding bullet and so there’s always a benefit to my rocky relationship with technology.

I’ll have more to offer next blog, by which time I should be immersed in a large graduate studies conference in the United States. For now I need to work on staying cool through these busy days, and saving some of my energy for the annual Santa Claus Parade in downtown St John’s this weekend. You see, I am walking, or rather hula hooping the parade for the 2nd year in a row. Three hours in a silly costume, hooping to jingle bells, jingle bells, all the way. Don’t tell me that’s not a sign of seasonal disorder.


Dr. Noreen Golfman is Professor of English and Dean of Graduate Studies. Her post secondary education included study at McGill, University of Alberta, and University of Western Ontario. She has been teaching and writing in the areas of Canadian literature and film studies for most of her career. She is the president of the Canadian Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences, founding director of the annual St. John's International Women's Film Festival, and director of the MUN Cinema Series. Dr. Golfman's blog 'Postcards From the Edge' will be updated every Thursday.

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