Just returned from the beautiful fall-turning Quebec Laurentians…
September 27th, 2013

Just returned from the beautiful fall-turning Quebec Laurentians where I had some family business to attend to, and am barely touching down before heading to Budapest on the weekend. You don’t see quite the display of red here in Newfoundland as you do north of Montreal. Canada has many parts. Red is good, livens up the dreary anticipation of winter.

I hate skipping blog-time but it’s just been too busy. I am trying to see the lighter side of all this travel. If it gets you down you just can’t do what you have to when you get to where you need to go. Soon I catch a plane to Central Europe. I have never been to Hungary and am looking forward to visiting one of the reputedly most beautiful cities in the world—or two cities, Buda and Pest. Will it be cloudy with meatballs? I will be gathering with about 30 colleagues from all over the world to discuss developments in technology, MOOCS and all that jazz, and, I hope, getting a better sense of what everyone else is doing with that venture capitalist enterprise. Much more on that trip and what I learn in Hungary next week.

And so this is just a brief, colourful sign that I am here—for now.


Dr. Faye Murrin is Dean pro tempore of the School of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor in the Department of Biology. She completed her B.Sc. (Hons.) at Memorial University, her M.Sc. at Acadia University, and her Ph.D. at Queen's University. Her research interests have always been focused on fungi, in particular the cell biology of insect pathogenic fungi and, more recently, the ecology of mycorrhizal mushrooms in the boreal forest. Dr. Murrin has served in a number of positions on the Council of the Mycological Society of America and was awarded the title of MSA Fellow for her contributions. She was awarded the Women in Science and Engineering Lifetime Membership Award as founding co-director of the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Summer Program. Dr. Murrin participates in public lectures and workshops, and is a Director on the board of Newfoundland Foray, Inc.

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